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February 3, 2014

University policy update

The Executive Policy Review Group took action on three policies at its January meeting.

* Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Executive Memorandum No. C-11): This policy is rescinded effective Jan. 31. Current information and procedures for compliance with the law and the requisite Form I-9 are available on the Payroll Services website.

* Faculty Grievances (I.B.1): Effective Feb. 1, the exclusion for reductions in workforce is removed.

* Volunteers (VI.B.2): This policy supersedes its interim version effective Feb. 1. Revisions to the policy allow for registry checks to be performed without first obtaining a photo ID and registration form from the volunteer and include a provision for departments to request a written exemption from conducting the registry checks when extenuating circumstances arise.

Visit the University Policies website to read the full text of the revised policies.