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Cooks nanotube

Nanotube coating helps shrink mass spectrometers

Nanotechnology is advancing tools likened to Star Trek's 'tricorder' that perform on-the-spot chemical analysis for a range of applications including medical testing, explosives detection and food safety.
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Culurciello Deep Learning

Smartphone to become smarter with 'deep learning' innovation

Researchers are working to enable smartphones and other mobile devices to understand and immediately identify objects in a camera's field of view, overlaying lines of text that describe items in the environment.
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Chapple lignin

Discovery could yield more efficient plants for biofuels

Genetically modifying a key protein complex in plants could lead to improved crops for the production of cellulosic biofuels, a Purdue University study says.
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MRI machine

Purdue installs powerful MRI system for research, training

Purdue University has installed a powerful type of MRI machine - the only one of its kind in Indiana - that will boost research and training capabilities and serve the regional scientific community.
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Young ice

Purdue researcher's climate change film, 'Young Ice,' to premiere during Earth Week activities

A documentary produced by Purdue University analytical and atmospheric chemistry professor Paul Shepson that captures the impact of climate change on the coldest parts of the globe will premiere next week in conjunction with campus Earth Week activities.

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Bronze bust of Purdue’s Nobel laureate Negishi to be unveiled

A sculpture of Nobel laureate and Purdue University professor Ei-ichi Negishi will be unveiled during a ceremony at 4 p.m. Friday (April 18) on the south steps of the Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry.

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Purdue Technology Center Northwest Indiana

Purdue Research Foundation creates a new program for Northwest Indiana tech-based startups

Purdue Research Foundation officials today (April 15) announced a program to provide its award-winning entrepreneurial programs and facilities at reduced costs for entrepreneurs commercializing patented technologies licensed from any Indiana or Illinois institution of higher education.

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Well pad

A few 'problem wells' source of greenhouse gas at unexpected stage of natural gas production

High levels of the greenhouse gas methane were found above shale gas wells at a production point not thought to be an important emissions source, according to a study jointly led by Purdue and Cornell universities. The findings could have implications for the evaluation of the environmental impacts from natural gas production.

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