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July 17, 2014

Researchers in various studies looking for participants

Here is a list of research studies that currently are looking for participants.

Study on being marginalized by family

Adults ages 25-35 who have at least one sibling and who feel like the "black sheep" of their family are needed for a study on family relationships.

In some societies, marginalized family members are called "black sheep" because they stand out from the rest of the group. Being marginalized refers to feeling different, not included, or not approved of by family. Everyone feels marginalized by family at one time or another, but participants must have been made to feel this way by multiple family members from their family of origin (the family they grew up with) and have felt this way for at least one year at any point during the past 10 years.

Participants will complete a short survey and a 45- to 60-minute in-person or Skype interview. Participants will be compensated for their time with a $10 gift card. Participation is voluntary and confidential.

For more information or to sign up to participate, contact Elizabeth Dorrance Hall in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at edorranc@purdue.edu or 269-370-7454.


Study about relationships between verbs and grammar in children with cochlear implants

Researchers are conducting a study to determine language skills and development of children ages 27-30 months, and parents of children with normal hearing are invited to participate.

Each parent and child will participate in a single 60- to 90-minute session. It will include 20 minutes of playtime between parent and child. Parents will then answer a questionnaire about words their children can say, and they will be interviewed about their child's development. Children will receive a free hearing screening during the session.

Parents will receive $20, and each child will receive a small toy or gift certificate for participation.

Those interested should contact Jongmin Jung at jungj@purdue.edu or 49-62250.


Study on walking behaviors

Researchers at Purdue are conducting a study of walking behaviors.

At baseline, six months and 12 months, researchers will ask participants to complete three online surveys. The surveys will take 10-15 minutes to complete, and participants will be asked to complete the surveys within one week of receiving them.

Adults who do not regularly walk for exercise or physical activity, but who speak English, have regular use of email and can tolerate 30 minutes of walking, are eligible to participate.

The study begins in September. For more information, contact Libby Richards at erichards@purdue.edu.


Study about men's experiences after miscarriage

Men whose partners have suffered a miscarriage are invited to share their experiences with researchers in a private interview.

The interviews will take place at Purdue and will last 60-90 minutes. The study is intended to increase public awareness of men's experiences after miscarriage, give men a voice in such research and aid health care and mental health professionals in providing effective services to men.

Participants can choose to receive a $10 gift card or donate that amount to March of Dimes.

For more information, contact Stephanie Rose at 937-532-4914 or sdfireba@purdue.edu.


Study on helping childbearing-age women make informed decisions regarding seafood consumption

The Department of Nutrition Science invites women ages 18-45 who are pregnant and/or nursing to join its educational USDA study on improving fish consumption advisories.

Participant recruitment events will be held from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through July 30. If you are interested, please drop by Stone Hall, Room 220, during one of these times. Screening and enrollment require less than 10 minutes. Twenty-minute parking is available on Oval Drive in front of Stone Hall.

After screening and enrollment, the remainder of the study is completed online (i.e., at home) and requires approximately two hours of time during the next two months. Everyone who screens for the study will receive valuable information on healthy, safe seafood choices, and eligible participants who complete the study will receive two $25 Walmart gift cards as a thank you.

For more information, contact Selena Baker at baker236@purdue.edu.


Dog owner heart health promotion study

Researchers are conducting a 12-month study of the health benefits of dog ownership.

Adult dog owners who do not regularly walk their dog, but who speak English, have regular use of email, and own a non-aggressive dog at least 6 months old whose height is at least 14 inches, are eligible to participate. Owners and dogs should be able to tolerate 30 minutes of walking.

At baseline and 12 months, participants will be asked to schedule a 30-minute visit on campus with their dog. During these two visits, a small urine sample will be collected from the dogs. Also at these visits, the dog owner will receive a free health screening including basic labs; blood will be obtained from a small finger stick. Participants will need to fast for eight hours before these labs. Participants also will complete three online surveys. The study will start in September.

Participants will receive $35 for each visit plus $10 for completing questionnaires.

For more information, contact Chris Rearick at crearick@purdue.edu.

The study is being conducted by Libby Richards, School of Nursing, and Niwako Ogata, College of Veterinary Medicine.


Study on understanding technological thinking

Men and women age 21 and older are needed for a study about how adults from diverse backgrounds approach technological challenges in their everyday life.

Participants will be asked to take a 20-minute survey. After completing the survey, some participants may be asked to participate in up to three follow-up interview sessions.

After participants complete and submit the survey, they will be eligible for a drawing to win one of 20 $10 gift cards.

Those interested may join the study at http://tinyurl.com/lr6lcoj.

For more information, contact Mariana Tafur, graduate teaching assistant, at 765-418-0455 or mtafurar@purdue.edu
or Senay Purzer, principal investigator and assistant professor in the School of Engineering Education, at 49-41684 or spurzer@purdue.edu.


Effects of the daily timing of protein intake on changes in body composition, muscle and health with weight lifting and weight loss

Wayne Campbell, professor in the Department of Nutrition Science, is conducting a research study that will look at how within-day patterning of protein intake (even vs. skewed) combined with resistance training will influence changes in body composition, skeletal muscle, and health during weight loss.

For this 18-week study, participants will come to the Purdue Clinical Research Center for eight testing days, which are before (baseline) and at the end of a 16-week weight loss intervention consisting of a controlled diet and resistance training program. Dietary counseling, gym memberships and personal trainers will be provided. Testing days will include measures of body composition (including muscle size), muscle strength and fitness, and clinical health parameters (i.e., blood pressure).

Participants will receive $1,000 for completing the study.

Men and women age 19 to 50 who are overweight, in general good health, nonsmoker, non-pregnant, and interested in participating in this study should contact Jan Green at jkgreen@purdue.edu or 49-47660 for more information.


Study on how teachers use their voice during prolonged vocal activity

Teachers and student teachers ages 22 to 55 are needed for a study on how teachers use their voice during prolonged vocal activity. Participants must be in good health and have no hearing problems.

The study is composed of two sessions, which are conducted at the Speech Physiology Lab in Heavilon Hall. Session 1 is 20-30 minutes and includes screening procedures to make sure the participant qualifies for the second session. Session 2, which would be scheduled one to three days later, is two to two and a half hours long and includes performing various speaking tasks.

Participants will be paid $40 after the completion of session 2. If interested, contact the Speech Physiology Lab 49-46488.


Study on 4- and 5-year-olds who stutter

Children who stutter (repeat sounds and syllables) and who are 4 or 5 years old are needed for a study examining persistence and recovery from stuttering. Children must speak English and have normal hearing and cognitive skills.

Families will receive a free assessment of their child's speech, language and hearing abilities, plus a written report. Participants will attend five 90-minute testing sessions, and the child will receive a toy after each session. 

Families of eligible children will receive $100 in compensation at the conclusion of the testing sessions ($200 if they live more than 60 miles from Purdue).

Principal investigators are Anne Smith and Christine Weber-Fox, professors in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. For more information, contact Barbara Brown at brownb@purdue.edu or 49-66403.


Study on the impact of drinking common beverages with breakfast on blood glucose and insulin levels

Participants are being sought to participate in a study that will look at how drinking different common beverages (milk, low-fat milk, nonfat milk, orange juice, coffee and water) with a meal changes blood sugar and insulin levels after eating.

Participants will come to Purdue Clinical Research Center on six mornings separated by at least one week. On each of the mornings, participants will consume a breakfast with one cup of a beverage. Blood samples will be taken before and every 30 minutes after eating for four hours to test blood sugar and insulin levels. Each test day will last about five hours.

Measurements include calories and nutrients in the participant's diet, weight/height/lean tissue, and blood glucose and insulin levels. Participants will receive $500 for completing the study.

Men and women ages 35 to 65 who are overweight, nonsmoking, not pregnant and interested in participating in this study should contact Jia Li at milks37@purdue.edu or 49-41706 for more information.

The principal investigator is Wayne Campbell, professor in the Department of Nutrition Science.


Study of developmental trajectories in infants at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Developmental Studies Laboratory is conducting a study of developmental trajectories in infants at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Laboratory visits include several play-based tasks at 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 30 months of age. After each visit, families receive up to $50 compensation and a report detailing their child's developmental progress, including information on his/her language, motor, and social skills.

To be eligible, infant siblings must be between 5 and 19 months of age, and have an older sibling who currently has an ASD diagnosis or an older sibling who is typically developing. This research aims to assist early identification and treatment for children with ASD.

All inquiries should be directed to Developmental Studies Laboratory at 49-46610 or ajlab@purdue.edu.


Almonds and weight management study 

Participants are needed by the Department of Nutrition Science to study the role of almonds in weight management.

The principal investigator for the study is Richard Mattes, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition Science.

Men and women ages 18-60, overweight but generally in good health, who have no nut allergies and who are interested in participating in this study should contact Jaapna at almeal@purdue.edu. Participants may earn up to $200 upon completion of the study.