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Purdue ag economists: There's potential help to counter low prices

Farmers already seeing corn and soybeans prices plummet as the markets expect bountiful harvests have some potential safety nets that might help protect them financially, two Purdue University agricultural economists say.

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Purdue corn specialist: Cool weather's effect on crop could differ from 2009

The next two months will determine whether the Indiana corn crop produces high yields as expected or is significantly damaged by any unforeseen, drastic changes in weather and diseases, Purdue Extension corn specialist Bob Nielsen says.

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Family Promise of Greater Lafayette wins Purdue award

Family Promise of Greater Lafayette has received the 13th annual Inspiring Families and Building Communities Award.

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Purdue weed scientist: Late-season herbicide applications may be ineffective

For farmers seeing weeds in their crop fields this late in the growing season, hand-rouging and pulling them by hand may be the best way to remove them, more so than using a herbicide, a Purdue Extension weed scientist says.

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Extension farm tour to feature organic vegetable production

The organic vegetable production and fertility management practices at an Ohio farm will be showcased in a Purdue Extension tour of the operation near Cincinnati.

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Purdue agronomist: Corn crop promising but halfway to go yet

Indiana's corn is showing potential to produce a bumper crop for the second consecutive year, but much of it could 'suffer quickly' if growing conditions turn unfavorable, Purdue Extension corn specialist Bob Nielsen says.

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Purdue agronomist: Wet hay may cause a barn fire

Hay that is baled and stored at a moisture level higher than recommended could heat up enough to start a barn fire, a Purdue Extension forage specialist warns.

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