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FORSUGOCompany licenses Purdue innovation that could detect radiation, thwart nuclear terrorism

A Purdue innovation that could help thwart terrorist attacks from radiological 'dirty bombs' and nuclear weapons by tracking potential attacks through smartphones and other devices has been licensed to a Marrero, Louisiana-based startup.

Prof: Why Halloween gore, yuck factor so appealing

Disgusted by Halloween life-like body part food creations? Do you find violence depicted in haunted houses too gory, yet you can't seem to look away? A Purdue University expert says the emotion of disgust is what helps keep humans alive, but there can be a thrill to having fun with it as well.

CASPiE cadetsPurdue-led STEM program offers West Point cadets authentic research opportunities

West Point and West Lafayette have more in common these days.

Purdue is site of new regional center on nutrition, obesity research

Purdue University is establishing one of four regional centers for research into nutrition education and obesity prevention in a nationwide project of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

School-aged children who stutter needed for Purdue study

Purdue University is looking for 7- to 12-year-old children who stutter to participate in a 3-year study to improve diagnosis and intervention options.

Purdue graduate creates startup to produce, sell charcoal made from coffee grounds, creating a greener, faster way to grill

A Purdue University alumnus has developed a faster, more environmentally friendly way to grill food this tailgating season by using coffee briquettes made from coffee grounds.

Forestry and natural resources professor selected to lead Purdue Climate Change Research Center

Purdue University forestry and natural resources and biological sciences professor Jeffrey Dukes has been selected as the new director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center in Discovery Park.

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