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Mishler scarvesPurdue apparel design student launches company to champion nonprofits

An apparel design and technology major who was crowned Miss Purdue University has launched a startup called Get Involved - Be the Change Inc. that raises funds for nonprofits by designing scarves and selling them online.

Purdue to host 4th annual International Breast Cancer Prevention Symposium

A global panel of breast cancer experts and researchers will meet at Purdue University on Oct. 16-18 for the fourth annual International Breast Cancer Prevention Symposium.

Wang Hall exteriorPurdue, PRF dedicate Wang Hall as engineering grows to meet demand

Purdue University on Friday (Sept. 19) moved forward to meet the nation's demand for more engineers while keeping down the cost of higher education through a building based on an innovative public/private partnership.

Bloomington's Harmony School to implement sustainable-energy curriculum developed through Purdue, Duke Energy partnership

A partnership between Purdue University's Energy Center in Discovery Park and Duke Energy Corp. is helping schools across Indiana develop and implement energy-related lesson plans for students in their classrooms.

Purdue-based startup scales up graphene production, develops biosensors and supercapacitors

An official of a materials technology and manufacturing startup based on a Purdue University innovation says his company is addressing the challenge of scaling graphene production for commercial applications.

Purdue expert showed Ebola can enter cells that line the trachea and lungs; says airborne transmission is not an impossibility

The idea of the Ebola virus becoming airborne is not far-fetched and its ability to enter cells that line the trachea and lungs has been shown under controlled laboratory conditions, a Purdue University virus expert says.

Students trust technology, but have concerns about privacy and robotics, poll shows

Purdue University students are optimistic about how technology will improve their lives but have concerns about privacy and the role of specific technologies, according to a poll.

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