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Discovery Park dedication to celebrate opening of Drug Discovery, Bindley Multidisciplinary Cancer Research facilities

Purdue University will mark the opening of new Discovery Park interdisciplinary research facilities in drug development and cancer, key components of the Purdue Moves initiative, during a dedication ceremony on Friday (Sept. 5).

Robots unlikely to take big bites out of employment, expert says

Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics mean that machines will soon be able to do many of the tasks of today's workers. And not just blue collar jobs in areas such as manufacturing, but even in such white collar occupations as lawyers, doctors and – gulp – journalists.

California quake points to research advancements in retrofitting older buildings

The 6.0 earthquake that rocked Napa, California, on Aug. 24 is placing the spotlight on efforts by property owners and municipalities to retrofit older buildings and improve their ability to withstand earthquakes.

Purdue students invited to Sept. 9 callout for media technology competition with $10,000 in prizes

Purdue University graduate and undergraduate students across all academic disciplines are invited to a Tuesday (Sept. 9) callout meeting for a media technology competition that offers more than $10,000 in prizes.

Nees Buffalo labStudy shows local seismic isolation and damping methods provide optimal protection for essential computing equipment

In experiments aimed at securing essential electronic equipment, a team of researchers led by earthquake engineer Claudia Marin-Artieda is seeking solutions for protecting computer servers, backup power units, and other high-tech equipment by employing locally installed passive seismic protective systems, such as base isolation and damping.

NSF awards Animated Dynamics $150,000 to develop microscope attachment to more fully study cell dynamics

The National Science Foundation has awarded a six-month SBIR Phase I grant worth $150,000 to Animated Dynamics Inc. to develop a microscope attachment to help scientists study the motion and dynamics inside a cell.

Youth are quietly losing their hearing

Children and teens constantly plugged into personal listening devices, such as phones, computers or music players, could be harming their ears without realizing it, says a Purdue University audiologist.

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