Purdue's technical support environment is a decentralized structure that embraces autonomy in the management of disparate systems, including configurations, deployment methodologies, tools, life-cycle management and hardware standards. A Purdue service since 2007, SMARTcomputing is a collaborative, University-wide initiative for systems provisioning and management intended to establish a program that better leverages technology resources for hardware and software.

Our goal is to reduce the total cost of ownership related to systems procurement, provisioning and management by standardizing platforms, configuration management, patch management, and software distribution. Ultimately, we strive to leverage technology resources for both hardware and software, and also to reduce the total cost of ownership for systems procurement, provisioning and management. As of Jan. 31, 2019, 26,338 computers have been purchased through this program.

SMARTcomputing Advantage Goals

Specifically, the program is promoting a standardized, secure computing environment within the Purdue community for 80 percent of the hardware and software systems and maximizing the management of expenditures by streamlining costs and establishing best practices associated with:

  • Systems procurement
  • Standardizing platforms
  • Configuration management
  • Patch management
  • Software distribution
  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Asset management
  • Imaging
  • Life-cycle replacement

For program questions or to proceed with participating, please contact us.


The majority of IT support units within the West Lafayette campus are actively participating in the program through the annual authorization of a participation agreement. Participation is voluntary and dependent on collaborative engagement and support of the program's mission.

Standard hardware models (with options) are provided. Standardization is achieved through regular collaboration of IT representatives across academic, administrative and central IT areas. Standardization helps to:

  • Reduce technical complexity
  • Improve information security, privacy and integrity
  • Improve service quality
  • Optimize resources and strategic partnerships

The SMARTcomputing program is for institutional purchases by the Purdue campus administration and staff. A list of hardware approved by the SMARTcomputing service oversight committee (SOC) is available through the enterprise SharePoint site for University personnel. (Password is required).


To place an order, please follow the directions on the Purdue Procurement Services How to Buy page and complete the fee form (authorization required). If you have questions about ordering, please contact us.


Please see below for SMARTcomputing tips.

  • The funding source charged to a sponsored program fund must be allowable, reasonable and allocable.
  • The account distribution for the computer purchased on sponsored funds should be based on the usage of the computer. Any additional charge/cost for the computer should also be distributed in the same manner.
  • If you receive a login prompt for SharePoint, type onepurdue\ before your career account name.
  • To avoid login prompts, you may wish to add, which is password protected, as a web browser Trusted Site (Tools>Internet Options>Security>Trusted Sites). Contact your IT support team if you have questions.