Book of Great Teachers - Full List

The Book of Great Teachers, a permanent display in the west foyer of the Purdue Memorial Union, is an extension of Academy Park. It was dedicated on April 23, 1999.

The book bears the names of 467 faculty members, past and present, who have devoted their lives to excellence in teaching and scholarship. They were chosen by their students and their peers as Purdue's finest educators. The nomination for inclusion in this book is repeated every five years. The most recent Induction Ceremony took place in September 2023.

To be inducted, faculty must have at least 15 years of continuous service to the University, and are nominated and chosen by their students and their peers as Purdue’s finest educators.  Professors previously honored with the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, or recognized as Indiana Professor of the Year, or those named by the trustees as distinguished professors for teaching are automatically included in the Book.

Book of Great Teachers
First Name Last Name School
Bradley L Benhart Construction Management Technology (2023 Inductee)
Cale A Bigelow Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (2023 Inductee)
Ernest R Blatchley III Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Lyles School of Civil Engineering (2023 Inductee)
Laura C Bowling Agronomy and Natural Resources (2023 Inductee)
Dennis Buckmaster Agricultural and Biological Engineering (2023 Inductee)
Christian E Butzke Food Science, College of Agriculture (2023 Inductee)
Shelley A Claridge Chemistry (2023 Inductee)
Michael N Dana Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (2023 Inductee)
Jennifer E Dobbs-Oates Human Development and Family Studies (2023 Inductee)
Natasha T Duncan Honors College (2023 Inductee)
Elizabeth A Flaherty Forestry and Natural Resources (2023 Inductee)
Andrew M Freed Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (2023 Inductee)
Esteban Garcia Computer Graphics Technology
Marc C Hall Biochemistry (2023 Inductee)
Steven G Hallett Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (2023 Inductee)
Inez Hua Environmental and Ecological Engineering and Lyles School of Civil Engineering (2023 Inductee)
Bryan J Hubbard Construction Management Technology (2023 Inductee)
Pamela M Karagory Nursing (2023 Inductee)
Signe E Kastberg Curriculum and Instruction (2023 Inductee)
Erika Birgit Kaufmann Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy (2023 Inductee)
Milind Kulkarni Electrical and Computer Engineering (2023 Inductee)
Dawn D Laux Computer and Information Technology (2023 Inductee)
Karen Marais Aeronautics and Astronautics (2023 Inductee)
Jill A Newton Mathematics Education (2023 Inductee)
Haley F Oliver Food Science (2023 Inductee)
Kathryn S Orvis Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (2023 Inductee)
Derek A Pacheco English (2023 Inductee)
Yvonne M Pitts History (2023 Inductee)
Jeffrey F Rhoads Mechanical Engineering (2023 Inductee)
Elizabeth A Richards Nursing (2023 Inductee)
Maria C Santagata Lyles School of Engineering (2023 Inductee)
Amy Heck Sheehan Pharmacy (2023 Inductee)
Jennifer M Simpson Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (2023 Inductee)
Marcia C Stephenson School of Languages and Cultures (2023 Inductee)
Philip J Vanfossen Curriculum and Instruction (2023 Inductee)
Michael C Witt Libraries (2023 Inductee)
Christine A Wilson Agricultural Economics (2023 Inductee)
Melinda S Zook History (2023 Inductee)
Pamela M Aaltonen School of Nursing
Sandra Abell (posthumously) Education
Dulcy M Abraham Civil Engineering
Douglas Adams Engineering
James L Ahlrichs Agronomy
Jay T Akridge Agricultural Economics
Emily L Allen English
Durward L Allen Wildlife Ecology
Janet Alsup Liberal Arts
Harold T Amrine Industrial Engineering
Fred Andrews Animal Sciences
Anthony A Annarino Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies
Dorsey Armstrong English
Ximena Arriaga Health and Human Sciences
David J Asai Biological Sciences
Ann W Astell English
Mihail J Atallah Computer Sciences
Larry E Axel Philosophy
Bernard Axelrod Biochemistry
Charles Babbs, Jr Engineering
Eric Barker Pharmacy
Freddie Barnard Agriculture
Gregory D Barnes Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Richard H Barnett Electrical Engineering Technology
Harry Beevers Biological Sciences
Lowell W Beineke Mathematical Sciences
Steven R Bell Mathematics
Dor Ben-Amotz Science
Robert Benkeser Chemistry
Dwight Bennett, Jr Veterinary Medicine
Anna W Berkovitz Biological Sciences
Margie Berns English
Gary Bertoline Technology
Bharat Bhargava Computer Sciences
Robert "Pete" L Bill Basic Medical Sciences
Gregory A Blaisdell Aeronautics and Astronautics
Lawrence P Bohl Agricultural Economics
Patricia Boling Political Science
Keith J Bowman Materials Engineering
Joshua Boyd Communication
Charles Bracker Botany and Plant Pathology
Karl G Brandt Biochemistry
Carl G Braunlich Hospitality and Tourism Management
John Bray Materials Engineering
Zinaida Breschinsky Foreign Languages and Literatures
Kristina Bross English
Herbert C Brown Chemistry
Eli F Brown English Literature and Drawing
Becky A Brown Foreign Languages & Literatures
Johnny E Brown Mathematics
Elmer F Bruhn Aeronautical and Astronautics
Daniel Budny Engineering
William D Buffington Foreign Languages and Literatures
Larry Butler Biochemistry
Earl Butz Agricultural Economics
Cynthia L Bozich Keith Nursing
Thomas Q Carney Aviation Technology
Erica W Carlson Physics and Astronomy
Robert K Chalmers Pharmacy
William R Chaney Forestry and Natural Resources
Henry C Chang Biological Sciences
Clint C Chapple Biochemistry
J Alfred Chiscon Biological Sciences
Martha O Chiscon Biological Sciences
Jean Chmielewski Science
John E Christian Pharmacy
John A Christian Comparative Pathobiology
Margaret Church English
Robin Clair Communication
Rosalee A Clawson Political Science
Franklyn M Clikeman Nuclear Engineering
Eric L Clitheroe Philosophy
Steven H Collicott Aeronautics and Astronautics
Douglas E Comer Computer Sciences
John J Contreni History
Ronald Coolbaugh Botany & Plant Pathology
Arnold C Cooper Management
Stanley Coulter Biological Sciences
Patricia Coyle-Rogers Health and Human Sciences
William Crossley Engineering
Merle D Cunningham Animal Sciences
Carol J Cunningham-Sigman Visual and Performing Arts
Susan Curtis Liberal Arts
Gustav E Cwalina Pharmacy
Donatella Danielli-Garofalo Mathematics
Supriyo Datta Electrical & Computer Engineering
Derek A Davenport Chemistry
Lawrence DeBoer, Jr Agricultural Economics
Nicholas Delgass Chemical Engineering
Edward J Delp III Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dennis R Depew Industrial Technology
Keith Dickson Foreign Languages and Literatures
William Dolch Civil Engineering
Frank Dooley Agricultural Economics
W David Downey Agricultural Economics
Ed Dubinsky Mathematics and Education
John Dunning, Jr Forestry and Natural Resources
H. E. Dunsmore Computer Sciences
Herbert Eagle Russian
Joel Ebarb Visual and Performing Arts
David Eichinger Curriculum and Instruction
Rachel Einwohner Sociology
Steven P Erickson Agricultural Economics
Peggy Ertmer Curriculum and Instruction
Clifford D Fisher Krannert School of Management
Harrison L Flint Horticulture
Karen J Foli Nursing
Michael Forman Biological Sciences
James D Forney Biochemistry
Dale Forsyth Animal Sciences
Kenneth A Foster Agricultural Economics
John T Fotos Foreign Languages and Literatures
Robert W Fox Mechanical Engineering
Greg N Frederickson Computer Science
Jennifer L Freeman Health Sciences
R Mark French Engineering Technology
J T Frost Animal Sciences
William Fuller Mathematics
Mary E Fuqua Foods and Nutrition
Nancy Gabin History
Felix Gagliano Political Science
Alan Garfinkel Education
William Gass Philosophy
John T Gaunt Civil Engineering
Leslie Geddes Biomedical Engineering
LaNelle Geddes Nursing
George M Bodner Chemistry
Mark P Gibney Political Science
Lillian M Gilbreth Industrial Engineering
Nicholas J Giordano Physics
Casper Goffman Mathematics
Michael J Golden Practical Mechanics
James E Goldman Computer Technology
Michael Golomb Mathematics
W F Goss Engineering
Robert J Graf, Jr History
Elizabeth Grauerholz Sociology
John G Graveel Agronomy
Stephen G Green Management
Glenn Griffin English
Eckhard A Groll Mechanical Engineering
Larry W Gross Aviation Technology
W A Gustafson Aeronautical and Astronautics
Martin Gutzwiller Civil Engineering
Susanne E Hambrusch Computer Sciences
Jonathan M Harbor Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Lowell Hardin Agricultural Economics
Francis Harding Electrical Engineering Technology
Earl R Harlan Communication
William Harper Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies
Patricia Hart Foreign Languages & Literatures
John W Hatcher Management
George A Hawkins Mechanical Engineering
William H Hayt, Jr Electrical and Computer Engineering


Heister Aeronautics and Astronautics
Stanley L Hem Industrial & Physical Pharmacy
Robert J Herrick Electrical Engineering Technology
Gerald Heydt Electrical Engineering
John W Hicks Agricultural Economics
William A Hiestand Biological Sciences
Arvin R Hilst Agronomy
Edward J Hinsman Veterinary Medicine
Marilyn A Hirth Educational Studies
Charles F Holleman Aviation Technology
Peter Hollenbeck Biological Sciences
George Hollich Psychological Sciences
Billy E Hooper Veterinary Medicine
Carol J Hopkins Education
John S Hougham First Faculty Member and First Acting President
R. Neal Houze Chemical Engineering
Kathleen C Howell Aeronautical and Astronautics
Christine Hrycyna Chemistry
Glenn R Hueckel Management
Ann H Hunt Nursing
John Hussey Botany, Horticulture, and "Kindred Subjects"
Gerald C Hyner Health and Kinesiology
Frank P Incropera Mechanical Engineering

Abdelrachman Hafez

Ismail Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies
James M Jacob Electrical Engineering Technology
James W Barany Industrial Engineering
Karen S Jamesen Foods and Nutrition
Leah H Jamieson Electrical and Computer Engineering
Harold Jaus Education
Glenn L Jenkins Pharmacy
Vivian A Johnson Physics
Robert J Joly Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Hobart W Jones Animal Sciences
James D Jones Mechanical Engineering
John E Kadlec Agricultural Economics
Robert B Kane Education
John Karling Biological Sciences
Christiane E Keck Foreign Languages and Literatures
Wayne Keim Agronomy
Janice Kelly Psychological Sciences
Clare B Kenaga Botany and Plant Pathology
John T Kirby Foreign Languages and Literature
Jane M Kirkpatrick Nursing
Harold Kirkwood, Jr Libraries
Henry E Koffler Molecular Biology
Kenneth Kofmehl Political Science
Severino L Koh Aeronautical and Astronautics
J B Kohlmeyer Agricultural Economics
Richard L Kohls Agricultural Economics
Stephen Konieczny Biological Sciences
Henry Kraebber, Jr Mechanical Engineering Technology
Gerald H Krockover Curriculum and Instruction
Charles M Krousgrill, Jr Mechanical Engineering
Gary W Krutz Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Clifford P Kubiak Chemistry
Joseph M La Lopa Hospitality & Tourism Management
Christine M Ladisch Consumer and Family Sciences
Robert P Lamb English
Orville D Lascoe Industrial Engineering
Janice M Lauer English
Benjamin R Lawton Foreign Languages and Literatures
Bruce I Lazarus Hospitality and Tourism Management
Robert H Lee Civil Engineering
Charles O Lee Pharmacy
James D Lehman Education
Clayton D Lein English
Carole Lembi Botany and Plant Pathology
Ronald P Lemenager Animal Sciences
Bevan B Lewis Civil Engineering
Victor Albjerg History
John C Lindenlaub Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert L Livingston Chemistry
James M Longuski Aeronautics and Astronautics
Denver W Lopp Aviation Technology
G Marc Loudon Pharmacy
Paul S Lykoudis Nuclear Engineering
Gerald J Lynch Economics
Fred E Lytle Chemistry
Fred Mannering Civil Engineering
Marshall Martin Agricultural Economics
Frank Martin Chemistry
Mary Matthews Home Economics
Marifran Mattson Liberal Arts
Jill P May Education
Robert E May History
George H Mayer History
James McClure Mathematics
Richard W McDowell Industrial Engineering
Murial McFarland Home Economics
William W McFee Agronomy
Reece J McGee Sociology
James H McKee English
William P McLauchlan Political Science
Michael Melloch Electrical and Computer Engineering
Melvin Mellon (posthumously) Science
Robert Melson Political Science
David G Meyer Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert D Miles Civil Engineering
Craig L Miller Computer Graphics Technology
Dennis J Minchella Biological Sciences
James L Mohler Computer Graphics Technology
Donald J Molnar Horticulture
Edwin J Monke Agricultural and Biological Engineering
David S Moore Statistics
William B Morgan Mathematics and Engineering
Gordon R Mork History
Michael A Morrison History
Alastair M Morrison Hospitality and Tourism Management
Issam Mudawar Mechanical Engineering
Charles B Murphy History
Margaret Murphy Home Economics
James S Nairne Psychological Sciences
Mary B Nakhleh Chemistry, Curriculum & Instruction
Mary Alice Nebold Consumer and Family Sciences
Van E Neie Physics
Gerold W Neudeck Electrical and Computer Engineering
Timothy J Newby Curriculum & Instruction
Ralph Nicholson Botany and Plant Pathology
Loring Nies Civil Engineering, EEE
Shimon Y Nof Industrial Engineering
J. Douglas Noll Audiology and Speech Sciences
Thomas Nunn (Purdue North Central)
William C Oakes Engineering Education
Dale Oderman Aviation Technology
Martin Okos Agricultural & Biological
Christian Y Oseto Entomology
Karl O Ott Nuclear Engineering
Joann J Otto Biological Sciences
Don Paarlberg Agricultural Economics
Edwin H Page Veterinary Medicine
William J Palmer English
Jason Papastavrou Industrial Engineering
Fred Patterson Agronomy
Paul C Pecknold Botany & Plant Pathology
Sidney L Pellissier Foreign Languages and Literatures
Dimitrios Peroulis Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jerry L Peters Education
Nancy Peterson English
Donald A Petrin Aviation Technology
Robert F Pierret Electrical & Computer Engineering
Nicholas G Popovich Pharmacy
J H Porsch Geometry
Samuel N Postlethwait Biology
A A Potter Engineering
Douglas Powell Human Development & Family Studies
Justin J Price Mathematics
Richard S Rand Rueff Department Visual and Performing Arts
Nicholas K Rauh History
Charles W Rezek Mechanical Engineering
John R Rice Computer Sciences
Randy W Roberts History
David Rollock Psychological Sciences
Charles Ross English
Merrill Ross Botany and Plant Pathology
John Rousselle Hospitality & Tourism Management
Margaret Moan Rowe English
Mark A Russell Animal Sciences
James D Russell Education
Raymond Ryder Education
Frank Sabol Art Education/Curriculum and Instruction
Mary A Sadowski Technical Graphics
Kathleen Salisbury Veterinary Clinical Sciences
David A Santogrossi Psychological Sciences
Phillip Scaletta Management
Calvin O Schrag Philosophy
Lee E Schweitzer Agronomy
Louis M Sears History
Stanley M Shaw Nuclear Pharmacy
Keith Shimko Political Science
Ian P Shipsey Physics
Abraham C Shortridge Second President
Paul Siciliano, Jr Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Marsella Smith (posthumously) Nursing
J M Smith Chemical Engineering
Harry L Solberg Mechanical Engineering
Robert W Sovinski Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Kevin Sowinski Pharmacy Practice
Eugene H Spafford Computer Sciences
Glen J Sperandio Pharmacy
George R Spratto Pharmacology
Douglas Sprenkle Child Development & Family Studies
Robert G Squires Chemical Engineering
M D Steer Audiology and Speech Sciences
Felix N Stefanile English
Matthew P Stephens Industrial Technology
Charles J Stewart Communication
Martin Stob Animal Sciences
Herman Stoelk (IUPUI, posthumously)
Cynthia Stohl Communication
Jon Story Nutrition Science
John E Stump Veterinary Medicine
Charlene Sullivan Management
C T Sun Aeronautical and Astronautics
Douglas Sutton Civil Engineering
Teresa Taber Doughty Educational Studies
Bernard Y Tao Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Harry Targ Political Science
Robert W Taylor Agricultural Economics
Jon C Teaford History
Sarah Templin Clinical Instructor of Educational Studies
Thomas Templin Health and Kinesiology
Richard K Thomas Rueff Department Visual and Performing Arts
William P Turner Practical Mechanics
Thomas Turpin Entomology
John Umbeck Economics
Gladys Vail Foods and Nutrition
George E Van Scoyoc Agronomy
John F Van Vleet Comparative Pathobiology
Joseph W Vanable Biological Sciences
David VanSickle Veterinary Medicine
H. Gerald Venemann Mechanical Engineering
James J Vorst Agronomy
Isidor Walerstein Physics
Phillip C Wankat Chemical Engineering
Harvey Wiley Chemistry
Harold H Watts English
Susan Watts Management
Connie M Weaver Foods and Nutrition
Ralph Webb Communication
Harmon P Weeks, Jr Forestry & Natural Resources
Mariko Wei Japanese and Linguistic
Dennis J Weidenaar Management
Emanuel T Weiler Management
Irwin H Weiser English
Jeff Whitten Computer Technology
Ronnie Wilbur Audiology and Speech Sciences
Jay W Wiley Management
Kim Wilson Landscape Architecture
Thomas Wilson Pharmacy
Jim Windle Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Joseph Wolinsky Chemistry
Gerhard N Wollan Mathematics
Carolyn Woo Management
Olivia Bennett Wood Foods and Nutrition
Harold D Woodman History
George S Wykoff English
Henry T Yang - Aeronautical and Astronautics
Karen S Yehle Nursing
Alan C York Entomology
Gordon D Young History
G A Young Mechanical Engineering
Neil J Zimmerman Health Sciences
Robert E Zink Mathematics
Maurice J Zucrow Mechanical Engineering
Chad T Jafvert Civil Engineering, EEE
James L Jenkins Construction Management Technology
Jeffrey D Karpicke Psychological Sciences
Mark A Lipton Chemistry
John H Lumkes, Jr Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Lisa J Mauer Food Science
David R McMillin Chemistry
Melanie Morgan Communication
Matthew M Murawski Pharmacy Practice
Linda L Naimi Technology, Leadership, and Innovation
Eric A Nauman School of Mechanical Engineering
Suzanne Nielsen Food Science
Matthew W Ohland Engineering Education
JoAnn I Phillion Curriculum and Instruction
Kimberly Illingworth Pharmacy Practice
Paul V Preckel Agricultural Economics
Leigh S Raymond Political Science
Gerald E Shively Agricultural Economics
Anthony J Silva English
John D Sundquist School of Languages and Cultures
Susan E Swithers Psychological Sciences
B. Allen Talbert Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Marcy H Towns Chemistry
Wallace E Tyner Agricultural Economics
Carl R Wassgren, Jr School of Mechanical Engineering
Rod N Williams Forestry and Natural Resources
Aaron Nung Kwan Yip Mathematics
Julia Chester Psychological Sciences
Alfred DeVito Education
James A Estey Economics

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