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Using Kaltura to add video to Blackboard

This document is designed to present all of the necessary steps in order to add a video into Blackboard, using Kaltura MediaSpace. If you are the instructor in a course, then you are able to add any video as long as you are the owner, co-editor, and/or co-publisher. This document will follow the process to use when you are the owner of a video.

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1. In Blackboard, Select the appropriate course in which video needs to be added.


2. Select the appropriate course section for the video content.


3. Move cursor to Build Content tab.


4. Click on “Kaltura Media” from this dropdown menu.


5. Select the video that you would like to add to Blackboard


6. Add the title for this video.


7. Enter any desired text to accompany this video.


8. Click on the Submit button to finish adding this video.


At this point, the video will be added to the course as shown here: