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Change Employee Tax Information

Employees who are U.S. citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents can update their federal and state withholding s tax forms via Payroll Information within their Employee Profile in SuccessFactors. The BSI TaxProfleFactory – Employee link displays current information and provides directions to update the forms.

Employees who are international (includes Aliens Authorized to work) will NOT use the BSI Tax Factory tool, but submit all tax withholding documents via the Glacier software entries and documents sent to the Nonresident Tax Administrator.



Publication 15-T lists current Federal Tax Withholding rates and tables and Indiana Departmental Notice #1 displays Indiana county tax rates for withholding. IRS information for international employees is located online at

Additional Resources

Payroll Form 52:

Certificate of Residence - For Reciprocal States: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Wisconsin (Excel File)

Payroll Form 52A:

Certificate of Residence - For Employees Who Neither Work Nor Reside In Indiana. (Excel File)

Payroll Form 52C:

Cancellation of Reciprocal Exemption From Withholding of Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax (Excel File)


Please visit the Fellowship Office of the Graduate School to learn more about fellows and tax implications. Additional information about the taxability of fellowships is provided in Internal Revenue Service Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education .Please consider the following:

  • For U.S. persons, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to report taxable fellowships. A fellowship statement is provided.
  • For Nonresident Aliens, it is the responsibility of Purdue to report taxable and nontaxable amounts of fellowships. Please print 1042S from Glacier.