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Frequently Asked Questions

What Bravo is: Bravo is an after-the-fact discretionary award program that lets employees know that someone has noticed their noteworthy contribution. At the same time, it reinforces the values and behaviors that are important to the University.

What Bravo is not: Bravo is not awarded for simply doing your job well – it’s given when you stretch beyond what is asked and achieve on another level.

All employees who have completed 3 months of service are eligible except for the following classifications: Executive Officers; Student employees; Graduate staff; Temporary staff; Visiting faculty; Limited term lecturers; Postdoctoral, Resident, or Intern appointments; and employees who have a specific employment contract with the University that links additional compensation to their performance.  Eligible employees are limited to four Bravo awards per fiscal year.
Yes. You may nominate and pay for awards to employees outside your unit. You must however, gain support for the Bravo award by employing unit's head or director.

Bravo Award amounts can be given up to $2,000 – Deans and VPs may approve higher amounts under exceptional circumstances with HR and/or President support. A faculty/staff member may not be rewarded twice for the same achievement. Individual faculty and staff are limited to four (4) Bravo Awards per fiscal year.

Bravo Awards are discretionary cash awards that are intended to recognize and reward excellence in University service, significant achievements and contributions and outstanding individual and team performance. Each unit will have the flexibility to allow for recognition in ways that are meaningful, fair, and clearly distinguish levels of performance within the specific work unit.
Bravo Awards will be processed with the regular payroll and will be added to your regular compensation amount on your pay stub.
Yes. Bravo Awards are subject to applicable tax withholdings and W-2 reporting. Your net pay will reflect your regular compensation plus the additional Bravo compensation less applicable taxes.

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