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Bravo+ Nomination Form

DocuSign signature page is completed prior to the form fields.

The Bravo+ Form is a DocuSign form electronically routed for approval and processing. It can be accessed online or within DocuSign. (Search Bravo Award in Templates.)

Each unit determines the nomination process for their area and will communicate the nomination process to their employees. That means each process is slightly different. For example, some areas use committees. The below is an example of traditional signers, but your area might have something slightly different.

  1. Nominators initiate the form and fill in the required signature information along with the nomination details.
  2. The form will then be approved by the leadership of that individual's department (i.e. dean, department head, or vice president) that was indicated on the form.
  3. After departmental approval, it should route to the DFA or Business Unit for fiscal approval and to complete account number information.
  4. Once the DFA approves, it is routed to the payroll center for processing.
Visit your college or area's website to locate your business office and payroll center contact information.
Contact with any additional questions.