2022 Purdue Fruit, Veg, and Hemp Field Day – HLA Happenings

2022 Purdue Fruit, Veg, and Hemp Field Day

On Thursday, July 21, Purdue Horticulture Extension hosted the 2022 Purdue Fruit, Vegetable, and Hemp Field Day at Meigs Purdue Ag Center.  Presenters from HLA included Petrus Langehoven, Miranda Purcell, Stephen Meyers, Peter Hirst, Jeanine Arana, Emmanuel Cooper, Luis Medina, Eduardo Miranda, Lian Durón, and Josué Cerritos. Other presenters included Nathan Shoaf (Purdue Extension Urban Agriculture State Coordinator), Janna Beckerman, Marguerite Bolt, and Eastyn Newsome from Botany and Plant Pathology and Laura Ingwell, Elizabeth Long, Leslie Aviles, and Samantha Willden from Entomology.

Thank you to all the presenters who presented valuable information to all the attendees from across Indiana.

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