Admission Information

Admission into the Master of Science in Athletic Training program is competitive and there are a limited number of spots available annually. Completion of the application does not guarantee admission into the program.

All applications to the program should be submitted using ATCAS.  Applications open on July 1st each year and our priority application review starts with completed applications upon submission. 

We offer an Early Decision deadline of September 1st with admissions decisions extended by applicants on or before September 15th.  Our normal Priority Admission deadline is November 1st.  Admission decisions for those who complete priority application will be communicated to applicants by November 15th.  After the priority deadline has passes, all applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the admissions committee immediately upon submission until all cohort spots are filled for the following year. The deadline to submit an application for admission is April 1st each year.

The MSAT Program has two potential routes for admission, 1) admission following completion of an undergraduate degree, or 2) completing the combined degree program through the Purdue Department of Health and Kinesiology that pairs the undergraduate kinesiology degree with the MSAT degree. 

All applicants must:

  • Have completed a B.S. or B.A degree at an accredited post-secondary institution or participate in the Purdue combined undergraduate-graduate degree program (BS in Kinesiology/Master of Science in Athletic Training) prior to matriculation.
  • Have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.  Students with a GPA below 3.00 may be considered for conditional admission. Submit official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended, including transfer credits.
    • We accept coursework from community colleges and online accredited universities (i.e. Purdue Global).  AP/CLEP coursework may be accepted if listed on a college transcript.
  • Have a minimum grade of C- or better in all prerequisite courses (see below).
  • Submit their application to ATCAS.
  • Complete a minimum of 75 hours of observation under a Certified Athletic Trainer.  Observations in different settings (college, high school, clinic, others) is preferred, but not required.
  • Interview with the athletic training faculty (both in-person and virtual interviews are offered).
  • The GRE is NOT required for admission.


Course Required Minimum Credit Hours Purdue-WL Equivalent Other
Biology 3 BIOL 11000 or similar Lab preferred, but not required.
Chemistry 3 CHM 11100 or similar Lab preferred, but not required.
Physics 3 PHYS 22000 or similar Lab preferred, but not required.
Human Anatomy 3 BIOL 20300 or similar May be taken combined with Human Physiology (2 semesters minimum if combined).
Human Physiology 3 BIOL 20400 or similar May be taken combined with Human Anatomy (2 semesters minimum if combined).
Psychology 3 PSY 12000 or similar



Statistics 3 STAT 30100 or similar



Nutrition 3 NUTR 30300 or similar



Exercise Physiology 3 HK 36800 or similar



Biomechanics or Kinesiology 3 HK 26300 or similar



Medical Terminology 2 HSCI 13100 or similar

May be online-only course.

*Prerequisite courses require a grade of C- or better.

Courses that cover similar content, but may have a different course name than what is listed above can still meet a prerequisite requirement.  If you have a question about a prerequisite course, please contact Program Director, Scott Lawrance to see if your course might qualify for substitution.

International Applicants

Purdue has a long history of admitting international applicants and welcomes the perspective each brings to our program. To apply for the graduate program, individuals from outside the US may need to provide additional information after an offer of admission is extended in addition to the program requirements above to the Graduate School.  This could include a copy of a valid passport, an affidavit of financial support, and more. 

If English is not your native language, proof of English proficiency will be required by the Graduate School.  This can be demonstrated in several different ways.  Please see the Graduate School English Proficiency Requirements for more information.


Applications to start in August 2025 are being accepted now.  You can apply through the ATCAS website by clicking HERE


Additional Information or Question

For additional information, please contact Scott Lawrance, Program Director.