Grad Student Advice

Please take a few moments to view the following videos provided by your graduate student peers and by the Vice Provost for Student Life. These videos share insightful, practical advice to help you feel one small step ahead in your giant leap! 

Daniel Madrinan-Chiquito | PhD Student | Computer Graphics Technology


Marian Rodriguez | Master's Student | Entomology


Mohammad Shams Ud Duha | PhD Student | Learning Design and Technology


Juliana Pereira | PhD Student | Civil Engineering


Kristen Walker | Master's Student | Public Health | Health Statistics


Toy Andrews | PhD Student | Construction Management Technology


Dr. Beth McCuskey | Vice Provost for Student Life



 Grad Student Quotes

"Each week I try to plan my days by setting small and realistic goals to maximize my productivity leaving some extra free time for relaxing. By the end of the week, I feel accomplished and ready to conquer my next tasks!"

- Daria Blach

  Ph.D. Student, Chemistry

"It is important to find some kind of community where people support each other. You need to be reminded that you are a human first and a graduate student second, and also that graduate school is just one step in your long-term goals."

- Memoria Matters

  Ph.D. Student, Engineering Education

"Professional Development is an important part of graduate school so it's a good idea to start early. Conferences are a fun way to meet interesting people and network."

- Elias Beretta

  Ph.D. Student, Chemistry