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Future Purdue Engineers


Katherine Franko

Finding My Fit at Purdue

Like most other students, I had a lot to consider when deciding on what college I wanted to be at for the next four years of my life. It wasn't until I visited Purdue that I realized that the most important factor for me when choosing a college was how well I would be able to grow and succeed there, and I found that here.

I chose Purdue because of how heavily the university emphasizes collaboration over competition. As engineers, one of the biggest strengths we have is knowing how to be able to work with others to accomplish a given task. I also fell in love with the sheer amount of opportunities Purdue offers to grow both personally and professionally. With over 1,000 organizations to get involved in and countless events happening every day, there is always something to do. Whether I want to learn how to code, run a business, or build a race car, Purdue has the resources to let me do that. 

Wherever life takes me, I know that Purdue will continue to hold a special place in my heart. I hope that you get to experience that when you explore a future at Purdue. 

Gabriel Segura, Miami, Florida
Sophomore, Industrial Engineering