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Future Purdue Engineers


Katherine Franko

Purdue Spoke to My Heart

Two years ago, I was in your shoes dreading the decision of "the college choice" because I knew the impact it would have on my future. I was really only considering schools in the same time zone as my hometown. I didn't want to worry about time when I was calling my parents, and I wanted it to be easy to visit home. I was pretty set on one school the entire month of April and then I woke up on decision day, made a completely opposite choice, and committed to Purdue. Why? Purdue spoke to my heart. The Purdue community exudes school spirit, collaboration, and support. Paired with an internationally known engineering program, it was a great fit for me. 

Purdue has delivered beyond my wildest expectations. I've been involved in countless organizations including the WIEP Mentees & Mentors Program, my sorority, Purdue Raas dance group, Dance 2XS Purdue, and the South Asian Student Union Board. I have made lifetime friends inside/outside the classroom and learned to overcome setbacks with the help of amazing professors, advisors, mentors, and staff. I am also grateful for the First-Year Engineering program where I learned about Multidisciplinary Engineering (MDE), a major not found at most engineering schools. 

My last two years at Purdue have been demanding, inspirational, and memorable. I can't wait to see what more Purdue has to offer me, and what new memories I will make!

Namita Mekala, Fremont, California
Sophomore, Multidisciplinary Engineering - Visual Design Engineering