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Our Staff and Students

Our Staff & Students

OFE Core Staff

David Bowker

David Bowker

David Bowker is the Director of the Office of Future Engineers at Purdue University. David is responsible for directing and implementing recruitment activities for the College of Engineering. Prior to being at Purdue, David spent three years as Recruitment Coordinator at Ivy Tech State College-Lafayette and a year advising in the School of Education at Purdue. David received his Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision in 1994 and his Master's degree in Higher Education Administration in 1997 from Purdue University. David is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and conducts workshops with students and staff across campus.

David has taught a variety of classes and currently is teaching Academic & Career planning at Purdue University. He has a passion for encouraging young people to find their niche and takes pride in being a small bridge on their pathway to success.David is the advisor to The Purdue Student Engineering Foundation (PSEF).

Although born in Detroit, David is truly a local product and a professed "townie," having grown up in Lafayette. Occasionally, he will toss out his very loose associations with Eminem or Axl Rose for "Street Cred" but very rarely does it come in handy on campus. David likes to stay fit by drinking lots of coffee (loves it) and teaching spin classes. If you’re (un)lucky, you just might hear him break into a song on your visit.


Meet a College Recruiter Who Didn't Love School, 2018

David Bowker, featured in the Forbes article, "How People With Learning Disabilities Handle Their Differences in the Workplace," discussed with contributing editor, Denise Brodey, about how he has turned his perceived weaknesses into his greatest strengths to succeed in the workplace. He also provided three tips for others to succeed too. 

College of Engineering Award of Excellence, Team Award, Office of Future Engineers, December 2016

Awarded for "their superb coordination and highly effective efforts as a team to devise and implement pioneering ideas in student recruitment, contributing to the overall acceptance rate and growth of women and diverse students to the College of Engineering."

Go to College Anywhere, David Bowker, TEDxLafayette, 2015

In this TEDx talk, David Bowker's passionate presentation centered on encouraging young people to find their niche and how he takes pride in being a small bridge on their pathway to success.

Amy Glenn

Amy Glenn

Amy is responsible for identifying and developing the strategic future of recruitment activities for OFE on behalf of the College of Engineering.

Born in Kansas, Amy lived in Nebraska and Iowa before her family settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she graduated high school. Having lived in the West Lafayette, Indiana area most of her adult life, Amy enjoys meeting new people and seeing new places as part of her role in OFE.

Being a First Generation college graduate, Amy is dedicated to inspiring the middle and high school students to stay engaged in math and science as well as learn more about the exciting career opportunities possible with a foundation in both. “It is a privilege being invited into middle and high school classrooms to share with students about the amazing and rewarding careers in engineering, and dispel the myths that many have about what it means to be an engineer. It is also an honor to collaborate and support middle school and high school teachers in inspiring students to see the relevance of math and science in everyday life and preparing for college."

As a Non-Traditional college graduate, Amy worked part-time as a secretary at Purdue while working on her bachelor's degree full-time. After graduation, Amy left campus to pursue a career in industry and realized she missed being involved in higher education and returned to Purdue. In 2008, Amy accepted the role as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment (College of Engineering). In 2011, the Office of Future Engineers was established as a department based on the cornerstones of Outreach, Recruitment, Student Leadership Development, and Alumni Connections; at which time Amy’s role transitioned to the Associate Director of OFE.

"As a member of OFE we are given the opportunity to share a journey in the lives of future students. From wide-eyed first time visitors to seeing those we have shared the years with walking around the fountain at graduation. I am thankful for every student and family that entrusts us to share in this part of their lives.”


Special Boilermaker Award, 2020

The Special Boilermaker Award, awarded by the Purdue Alumni Association, honors a member of the Purdue faculty or staff who has contributed significantly to the improvement of the quality of life and/or the betterment of the educational experience for a substantial number of Purdue students.

Amy received the award for her efforts in expanding undergraduate recruitment to encompass outreach, recruitment, retention and alumni engagement, resulting in the creation of the Office of Future Engineers. “She takes a large, well-known university and makes it a small and intimate event for parents to answer questions and calm fears.”

Leadership Lafayette Class 49 Graduate, 2020

Leadership Lafayette is dedicated to the development of the area and its individuals, utilizing experiential learning and promoting the importance that program participants represent the diverse fabric of our community and plan to give back through servant leadership.

Being selected, and participating as a member of Class 49, provided Amy an opportunity for continued leadership skill development while bridging the gap between Purdue's College of Engineering and the greater Lafayette/West Lafayette area.

College of Engineering PRIME Grant (Inaugural) Recipient, 2019

The Professional Renewal in Maximizing Excellence (PRIME) grant supports Purdue’s College of Engineering staff members who wish to pursue professional development activities that will contribute to achieving career goals. The grant recipient is reimbursed up to $1,500 and able to use up to five days for work-related professional development opportunities that could include career-enhancing courses or certifications, travel to professional conferences and other professional development activities.

As a recipient of the PRIME award, Amy was able to apply the funds to participate in Leadership Lafayette.

Growing Leaders National Leadership Award, 2017

Growing Leaders is a non-profit organization that partners with schools, colleges, athletic depts. and organizations to develop today’s emerging generation of leaders. They equip educators, employers, coaches, youth workers and parents to understand and connect with this generation, and offer resources to spark conversations and life-changing experiences with them.

Amy was selected for this award based on "her efforts in promoting student leadership opportunities within the Office of Future Engineers and across Purdue University, collaborating with the Krannert School of Management, Purdue Athletics, Purdue University Residences; as well as developing and hosting elective 'Habitudes' leadership programs for students in the College of Engineering,"

College of Engineering: Staff Team of Excellence Award- Office of Future Engineers, 2016

The purpose of the Staff Team of Excellence award is to recognize and encourage teamwork in the College of Engineering.

Awarded for: "their superb coordination and highly effective efforts as a team to devise and implement pioneering ideas in student recruitment, contributing to the overall acceptance rate and growth of women and diverse students to the College of Engineering."

College of Engineering: New Employee Award, 2010

The purpose of the New Employee award is to recognize, encourage, and promote a desire to contribute and to acquire new capabilities as a staff member of the College of Engineering specifically; and the University in general.

Awarded for her efforts in expanding visibility and increasing recruitment of new students into Purdue’s College of Engineering


Leslie Valiant

Leslie is the Assistant Director of the Office of Future Engineers overseeing marketing and communication efforts for the College of Engineering's recruiting office.

A 1998 graduate of Purdue University, Leslie holds a BA in Communications with concentration in Advertising and an AS in Computer Graphics Technology. She also completed an MS in 2022 in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Purdue Global.

Leslie has an extensive background in the marketing and communications field working with businesses of a variety of sizes in many different industries. Her areas of expertise include print design, website design and development, project management, and professional writing. Having spent the bulk of her career in website development both as a front end developer and designer as well as project manager, she has a unique perspective on the changes and evolution of the marketing landscape.

Leslie has been in a communications role at Purdue since 2021, making the transition to the Office of Future Engineers in May 2023. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, attending Purdue sporting events, and hanging with friends and family.

Lindsay Elias

Lindsay Elias

Hometown: Lakeville, IN (though I consider West Lafayette my true hometown)
Degree: Currently working on my Bachelor's in Business Administration through Purdue Global
Interests: Leadership, learning, organizing, family, animals, reading, knitting and crocheting


College of Engineering Award of Excellence, Administrative/Professional Customer Service Award, December 2016

Awarded for: "her flexibility and preparedness in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the Office of Future Engineers student recruitment efforts, providing quality customer service to a multitude of constituents and dedication to serving students interested in Purdue Engineering."

College of Engineering Award of Excellence, Team Award, Office of Future Engineers, December 2016

Awarded for: "their superb coordination and highly effective efforts as a team to devise and implement pioneering ideas in student recruitment, contributing to the overall acceptance rate and growth of women and diverse students to the College of Engineering."

Peer Counselors: Summer 2023

Our Peer Counselors are all current Purdue Engineering students that serve as the first line of communication for prospective students and families when they call, email, or visit us. Our students are able to share their personal experiences and answer questions relating to student life, academics, and the transition to college.



Aarushi Bansal

Hometown: West Windsor, NJ
Year and Major: Freshman, First Year Engineering 
Involvement: Early Start

Akul Ramasubban

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Year and Major: Freshman, First Year Engineering
Involvement: Purdue Electric Racing, Formula SAE member

Hometown: Duxbury, MA
Year and Major: Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Minor in Management, Certificate in Extensive Industry Cooperative Education
Involvement: Women in Engineering Freshman Seminar (ENGR 194) TA, Mechanical Engineering Sophomore Design (ME 263) TA, 5 Session Co-Op with Closure Systems International, Honors College FYE Track (completed) 
Hometown: Montgomery County, Maryland
Year and Major: Freshman, First Year Engineering
Involvement: Engineering Academic Boot Camp (EABC); Minority in Engineering Program (MEP); EPICS participant; Purdue Run Club; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; 3D printing club; National Society of Black Engineers
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Year and Major: Junior, Electrical Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Minor in Business Economics
Involvement: Medical Innovation, Networking, and Design Club, Run Club, ALDPES Honor Society, EPICS participant, Intramural Sports (Ultimate Frisbee), Electrical Engineering Summer Intern 
Hometown: Granbury, TX
Year and Major: Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Involvement: "All-American" Marching Band
Hometown: Greenwood, IN
Year and Major: Junior, Construction Engineering and Management
Involvement: MEP, Women in Engineering (WIE), CoE Ambassadors, Punkin’ Chunkin’ Purdue, QSOC 
Hometown: Edwards AFB California
Year and Major: Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Involvement: Purdue Orbital(past), Triangle Fraternity(Current), Longboarding Club(current), AAESAC(current)
Hometown: Camas, WA
Year and Major: Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Minor in Nuclear Engineering
Involvement: ENGR 131/132 TA, (past), AAE grader/TA, AAESAC, Undergrad Research Assistant, Women in Engineering (WIE) (current) 


Hometown: Singapore
Year and Major: Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Cornerstone Certificate
Involvement: Women in Engineering M&M LT Member, Undergraduate research, WELink volunteer (Fall 2021), WELink Recruitment Project Committee Member (Spring 2022), Goss Scholars Peer Mentor (Fall 2022), Purdue Solar Racing
Hometown: Avon, IN
Year and Major: Junior, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Involvement: Purdue Bible Fellowship (PBF), Purdue Utility Project (PUP), Roadtrip Nation, Gymnastics Club

Maretta Fitzharris

Hometown: Kendallville, IN
Year and Major: Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Minor in Anthropology 
Involvement: Current: Theme Park Engineering Design; Higher Ground Dance Company, Women in Engineering. 

Past: EPICS; Boiler Gold Rush (2020 team leader and 2021 supervisor), Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for EPICS; Study Abroad - Peru, Italy; undergraduate research on human-centered design; Disney College Program

Hometown: New Haven, IN
Year and Major: Junior, Industrial Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Minor in Management
Involvement: Society of Women in Engineering (SWE) Mentor, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Cooperative House (Anne Tweedale), Purdue Club Softball
Hometown: Ashburn, VA
Year and Major: Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Involvement: Current: VIP Unmanned Aerial Systems - Windracers Lead, AAE Student Advisory Council - Vice President, AAE 251 Undergrad TA, College of Engineering + AAE Ambassadors, Concert Orchestra

Past: RTX - Raytheon Intern, Zucrow Undergrad Research Assistant (URA), SURF/AAMP-UP 2022, Purdue Space Program - High Altitude, EPICS Learning Community - AAE Education, UltraFast QuadDyn Group URA


Nicholas Buffo

Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Year and Major: Senior, Biomedical Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Pre-Med Concentration 
Involvement: Current: Purdue Big Brothers Big Sisters President (2021-Current), BBBS of Lafayette, Undergraduate Research in Chan Musculoskeletal Research and Innovation Laboratory (2022-Present), Purdue Fire Department EMT (2022-Present), BME Ambassador (2022-Present), BME Undergrad TA (2023-Current) 

Past: Study Abroad (Maymester in Scandinavia, Summer 2023), CHRISTUS Health Clinical & Operations Intern (Summer 2022), BGR Team Leader (2022) 

Hometown: Monticello, IN
Year and Major: Junior, Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Minor in Environmental Policy and Politics
Involvement: Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Society of Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Hometown: Tainan, Taiwan
Year and Major: Senior, Biomedical Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Minor in Chemistry
Involvement: Current: Women in Engineering Program (outreach), FYE UGTA, Study Abroad Ambassador, Undergraduate Research in Purdue Laboratory of Implantable Microsystems Research 

Past: Study abroad (Zürich, Switzerland), Summer Co-Op at COOK Medical, BME Tour guide, Crisis Intervention Specialist for Mental Health America (NSPL/988) 

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Year and Major: Senior, Biomedical Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Minor in Business Economics
Involvement: BME Ambassador, BME Undergrad TA, Undergraduate Research, Women in Engineering (WIE) Program, GE Appliances Intern, 3-rotation co-op with Boston Scientific, Regulatory Affairs intern with Stryker 
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Year and Major: Senior, Biomedical Engineering
Minors and Certificates: Pre-Med Concentration, Minor in Mathematics
Involvement: CurrentCaduceus Club (2023 – Present), Undergraduate Research for Asian & Asian American Experiences in Rural Indiana (2023-Present), EPICS Undergraduate TA (2021-Present), EPICS Administrative Student Support (2022 – Present), EPICS Ambassador (2022-Present), BME Undergrad TA (2023-Current), Women in Engineering Program (2020 – Present) 

Past: Purdue Extension Student Intern (2021 – 2022), Global Engineering Program (2023) 

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Year and Major: Sophomore, Civil Engineering
Involvement: EPICS First Year, Women in Engineering (WIE) Mentees & Mentors Program, Kappa Delta Sorority