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Applying to Engineering

Applying to Purdue Engineering

Ready to take your next giant leap into Purdue Engineering? Here's a quick primer on how and when to apply! Be sure to also check out the Applying to Purdue page from the Office of Admissions for more details on admission factors and the review process. 

Apply to First-Year Engineering

Unlike most other engineering programs out there, all undergraduate students coming to Purdue for engineering apply to and start in our First-Year Engineering Program rather than a specific engineering major (more details about that are under the 'Academics' section of our Frequently Asked Questions page).

The Common App actually walks you through it step-by-step on the Purdue application. You'll choose the College of Engineering, the West Lafayette campus, and then the only option for 'Major/Program of Study-First Choice' is 'Engineering (First-Year)' which is what you will select. Here's what that looks like:

Screenshot of the Academic portion of the Purdue Application in the Common App

The next drop-down is 'Area of Interest - First Choice' and, while required, does not impact your application. This is where you can indicate what engineering major you are interested in, or you can simply select 'Undecided within Engr' if you're not sure. All students are considered equally for First-Year Engineering regardless of the specific engineering major they are considering, meaning a student who indicates an interest in Mechanical Engineering, for example, is not considered any differently than a student who indicates they are undecided. We simply use the Area of Interest field to gauge interest in majors for statistical and historical purposes, and not for admissions purposes.

First-Year Engineering cannot be a second choice major on the Purdue application. If you would like to be considered for two majors at Purdue, First-Year Engineering must be the first choice major. We recommend only applying for a second choice major if it is one that you are genuinely interested in pursuing. If you are only interested in studying engineering at Purdue, then you do not need to apply to a second choice major.

Apply by November 1

November 1 is Purdue's Early Action deadline, and it is also the priority deadline for First-Year Engineering. Priority means that Admissions will continue accepting applications after this date only if space allows.

Students who apply by November 1 will have an admission decision on January 15, will automatically be considered for Purdue's full range of scholarships, and will be able to apply to the John Martinson Honors College if they wish to do so. Applying Early Action is non-binding, meaning a student who applies Early Action and is admitted does not have to accept their offer of admission.

To maximize your options and consideration, it is truly in your best interest to apply to Purdue Engineering by November 1.

Double-Check Other Deadlines and Requirements

Be sure to closely research all of the information on the Office of Admissions' Apply to Purdue page for important dates, deadlines, requirements, and information regarding the application process. The Office of Admissions is who reviews and makes decisions on all of the applications to Purdue's undergraduate programs, so they are your best resource for any questions you have about the application and admission process. You can reach them at and (765) 494-1776.