Outreach Activities


Ponds are great systems for engaging a broader audience in the ecology and conservation of aquatic systems. For instance, our research on aquatic organisms provides an excellent opportunity to display the ‘hidden’ diversity of species that reside below the water’s surface. We utilize public forums and outreach events to showcase the amazing species that live in local ponds and wetlands. These events also provide the opportunity to talk about issues of environmental and human health, which are at the forefront of issues of interest to the public.
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Nature of Teaching Webinars


Generation to generation children are becoming more disconnected from nature. The Nature of Teaching creates an opportunity for students to learn about the outdoors. Workshops, state standard-based lesson plans and fun activities are just a few of the resources provided to learn more about natural resources, wildlife and the outdoors.

Nature of Teaching: Virtual Workshops

Ecotoxicology Part 1:

What is ecotoxicology and what potential effects does humans have in harming or improving our environment? Rod Williams, a professor and extension wildlife specialist with Purdue University Extension, and Jason Hooverman, an associate professor at Purdue University and a co-author on the unit on ecotoxicology, will discuss the principles of ecotoxicology, contaminants, and threats to the freshwater ecosystems.

Disease Ecology Part 1:

This webinar series Rod Williams, a professor and extension wildlife specialist with Purdue University Extension, and Dr. Jason Hoverman, an Associate Professor at Purdue and co-author of the Unit on Disease Ecology, will discuss the principals of disease ecology and the role of parasites in natural ecosystems.
Outreach Publications


The lab also produces outreach publications to help educate the public on topics such as freshwater ecosystems, phenotypic plasticity, and disease ecology. For example, we have published extension products on amphibian pathogens targeting wildlife professionals in Indiana and researchers across the United States. The goal of these publications is to inform wildlife biologists of the natural history of pathogens and the threat they pose to amphibian populations. In collaboration with Dr. Rod Williams and Brian MacGowan at Purdue, we are working on larval and adult amphibian field guides. These guides are intended to help wildlife biologists in Indiana with the identification of native species and will be used in FNR courses taught by Drs. Hoverman and Williams.  Click on the links below to view our outreach publications.

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