Hoverman in pond
Dr. Jason Hoverman
Our research group is broadly interested in the fields of community ecology, ecotoxicology, and disease ecology. Given the strong influence of human activities on natural systems, we increasingly emphasize the interactive effects of natural (e.g., predators, pathogens, competitors) and anthropogenic (e.g., chemical contaminants, habitat loss) factors in our work. Our general approach is to combine laboratory and mesocosm experiments with broad-scale field surveys to provide mechanistic insights into these effects. To address our research interests, we use freshwater aquatic systems (e.g., ponds, wetlands, and lakes) and their associated taxa (e.g., tadpoles, snails, insects, fish, parasites).
Email: jhoverm@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-496-3263
Fax: 765-496-2422
Office: FORS Room 213
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2061

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Red Backed Salamander
Spotted salamander
American toad
Summer Practicum Michigan pond and forest, HERP Week
Purdue Wlldlife Area Pit Pond
Purdue Wlldlife Area Main Pond
Mayfly Collectors
Pennsylvania Stream
Purdue Wildlife Main Pond