Research Facilities

Aquaculture Research Lab (ARL)
The Aquaculture Research Lab (ARL) at Purdue University has both indoor and outdoor facilities for the study of fish and aquatic organisms. The lab is located approximately 10 miles for the main campus within the Animal Science Research and Education Center (ASREC). Indoor Facilities consist of the following: Large Wet Lab – Approximately 4000 square feet, four environmental chambers, hot and cold water drops with mixing capabilities, central air blower system, analytical lab, feed prep room/lab, and a conference/small classroom. Outdoor facilities include 12 quarter acre ponds and twenty 200-gallon pools for mesocosm work. There are also two large equipment storage barns.

Purdue Wildlife Ecology Research Facility (WERF)
Our research is conducted at Purdue WERF located ~15 minutes from campus, 8000 State Road 26, West Lafayette, IN 47906. This facility offers opportunities for both laboratory and mesocosm experiments. Additionally, several wetlands are located on the property providing a great source of animals for our experiments. WERF greatly increases the amount of available space for research by providing six independently controlled experiment rooms with a full range of environmental controls. Animal care rooms are specifically designed for flexibility of the occupants, both in the types of research (general and refined) and types of species (aquatic and terrestrial) that can be housed in the facility. WERF also features a high-efficiency HVAC system with adjustable temperature and humidity controls in each room, customizable for the needs of individual research projects. Each research room is ventilated separately to prevent spread of airborne pathogens as well as to isolate odors. Each research space also includes an entry vestibule where items can be prepared and assembled before moving into the secured lab area to allow researchers to work more efficiently. A large common space also is provided for improved collaborations.

Purdue Wildlife Area (PWA) – Purdue FNR property for research
The foundational property of what is now the Purdue Wildlife Area (PWA) was acquired in 1958, and, with the acquisition of two additional tracts, the property now provides 290 acres of land for educational, extension, and research activities in Tippecanoe County. PWA is primarily managed to maintain and enhance its current wetland/savannah/prairie ecosystem which is part of the Indian Creek watershed.

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Purdue Wlldlife Area Main Pond
Purdue Wlldlife Area Pit Pond
PWA cattle tank area
Cattle tanks Aerial view
Cattle tanks
PWA wetland