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General Guide for Program Directors (coming soon)

Background Check and Training Process Guide

Adding Staff After Program Registration Guide

Program Registration Guide

Published Resources

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-serving Organizations

See the Center for Disease Control's guidance for establishing organizational policies which protect children and youth.

Equation for Youth Safety

Praesidium’s Safety Equation® identifies eight organizational operations that provide opportunities to decrease the risk of abuse by employees, volunteers, or other program participants. Using current research and root cause analyses of thousands of cases of abuse, Praesidium has identified best practices in each operation and created products and services that help organizations implement these practices.

Preventing Peer-to-Peer Abuse

Check out this Article from Camping Magazine on understanding, spotting, and preventing abuse between participants. 



See sample behavioral expectations for program staff and participants. 


Review sample policies that meet the University's minimum standards for program handbooks. 


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