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Program Registration

Nearly every program needs to register with the University. The purpose of the registration process is to notify the University that there are going to be children in an area of campus or that University departments are going to be leading a program with minors. Program registration is required 30 days prior to the program opening for participant registration or 30 days prior to the program start in the event that pre-registration of participants is not required. 

Process for Registering a Youth Program

  1. Login to the Ideal-Logic system using Boiler Key (third party programs see below)
  2. Complete the "Program Registration Form"
  3. Add a list of Program Staff including any volunteers. This step must be completed prior to the start date of the program but need not be completed at the time of initial Registration.
  4. Verify compliance requirements for all Program Staff. Conduct and record registry checks as needed. 

Register a Program with the University.

Third Party Programs

Third Parties where program director is also affiliated with the University

Login using BoilerKey

Third Parties with no University affiliation

Login using the Community Login screen. You will create an Ideal-Logic account and will use those credentials anytime you need to access the system.


Participant Registration

Many Custodial Programs are now required to register all staff and participants with the University in the BoilerBase system.  This process is separate from the Program Registration process described above. If Participant Registration is required for your Program, the Program Registration Form will display additional questions to aid in the set up of that process. VPEC will set up a 30 minute meeting with you in advance of the registration window to confirm the set up.

The BoilerBase system (supported by Ideal-Logic) can support application processes, session assignments, custom registration questions, etc. 

Process for setting up Participant Registration 

  1. Complete the Program Registration Form
  2. Schedule a 30 minute meeting with Youth Protection to finalize Participant Registration set up.
  3. Open Registration

Departments who already possess event registration software that can manage forms and liability waivers may continue to use their own providers. Departments who do not possess their own software should contact to determine the best way to manage this requirement.