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Spring 2023 Newsletter


Welcome to the spring edition of our Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation newsletter. In this issue, we showcase how the impact of entrepreneurship education can take many forms and doesn’t always fit the traditional model of starting a business from scratch. While many of our young alums go on to create small businesses, scalable startups, and social ventures, many others are putting their entrepreneurial mindset and skills to work in established companies where they are given the opportunity to be creative and develop their ideas. In any case, recent graduates report that entrepreneurial knowledge and skills helped set them apart from their peers during interviews. Once employed, they report that experience with interdisciplinary collaboration, pitching their ideas, conducting market research, and understanding business models gives them a competitive advantage in their early careers.

Nathalie Duval-Couetil



  • An Entrepreneurial Actor in NYC: Eric Emerick
    Life as a professional artist inherently demands entrepreneurial prowess, particularly when it comes to acting. As an actor, you are your product, brand, CEO, and lead sales person. Much like developing an elevator pitch for a new venture, an actor needs to communicate who they are to an audience in a matter of seconds. It can be thrilling or terrifying depending on one’s preparation and confidence. Eric Emerick, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation alumnus, who is making a career in film & television,  recognizes that he has to “control his controllables,” and create his own luck as much as possible.
  • Cheers to 15 Years!
    Please join us in thanking and congratulating one of our dedicated entrepreneurship instructors, Mike Cassidy, who will “retire” from teaching this semester. Over a period of 15 years and 30 semesters, Mike has taught and inspired thousands of entrepreneurship students through his personal experience and that of others.
  • ENTR Students Win DIAL Agricultural Innovation Competition
    Tushar Sonvani and Brady Wyniemko, both ENTR students, recently participated in the DIAL Ventures Innovation Challenge and won!
  • From Recruitment to Sales – How Alum Victoria Lit Up Her Career
    Victoria Engblom graduated with a degree in Corporate Communications from Purdue University in 2015 and is a strong advocate for Purdue’s Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Victoria is currently a Sales Manager at GE, where she will be completing her 5-year work anniversary.
  • Our Entrepreneurship Program Climbs the Rankings to 28th
    Purdue University’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation moved up 11 slots in the Princeton Review’s and Entrepreneurship Magazine’s 2023 rankings of undergraduate entrepreneurship programs. Purdue ranks 28th nationally and #8
  • Using the ENTR Certificate to Overcome Challenges in the Education Industry
    Kilah Dickey applies her passion and expertise for secondary school education to solving problems that haven’t been addressed for years. After graduating from Purdue in 2011, with a major in Health and Fitness, Kilah ventured into the field of education by first getting a license to become an English teacher. It was then that she noticed that when students transition from one secondary school to another, they were not able to get their academic transcripts in a timely fashion, and as a result, wound up being credit deficient or ineligible for a lot of classes.