An International Students’ Passion for Academics and Soccer Lead Her to Thrive at Purdue

Andrea Martinez, a senior pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Information and Analytics, is an international student with a remarkable journey of academic excellence and leadership. Originally from Nicaragua, Andrea’s story is one of resilience, ambition, and a passion for both business analytics and soccer. Andrea knew she wanted to be a Boilermaker the first time she visited Purdue! She loved the culture, the number of international students, and the opportunity to earn the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Andrea’s determination and adaptability served her well when navigating the challenges of starting college during a global pandemic. She began her courses online and in January of 2021, she was finally able to attend courses in West Lafayette. In her in-person Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses, she experienced the value of being in courses with students from so many different majors. As a business student, she saw how her mindset differed from that of the engineering, pharmacy or even industrial design students. 

An International Student’s Passion for Academics and Soccer Lead her to Thrive at Purdue. Andrea Martinez is pictured.

Through the entrepreneurship program, Andrea has been able to leverage networking opportunities and gain insights from industry experts. She encourages fellow students to build connections with their instructors, and take advantage of experiential learning and mentorship opportunities.

Andrea has had a passion for soccer since her childhood in Nicaragua where she played for the national (youth) team. In 2023, Andrea completed an internship with the United Soccer League, the largest professional soccer organization in North America. Her goal is to combine her passion for sports with her supply chain expertise to make a meaningful impact in sports, and particularly in empowering women in sports. She continues to play recreational soccer at Purdue where she feels she feels fortunate to be able to blend her personal interests with her academic pursuits.  

As the President of the Daniel’s School of Business, Andrea has played a pivotal role in organizing career fairs that involve over 150 companies each semester. She began as the director of the Strategic Planning and Events Committee, where she spearheaded the activities  leading up to the career fairs, such as resume critiques which showcased her exceptional organization and leadership skills. Since assuming the role of President, Andrea has led the seamless execution of events that require a significant commitment of time throughout the year, to ensure proper coordination and communication with employers well in advance. As graduation approaches, Andrea is eager to mentor her successor so that the organization continues to thrive.

Andrea embodies the spirit of Purdue University—a truly international community driven by excellence and a shared commitment to making a difference in the world. As Andrea prepares to embark on her professional journey, she is laying the foundation for inspiring future generations of Boilermakers.