The Empowering Journey with M1

For Steven Gall, Chicago is both his personal and professional home. With innovation hubs cropping up nationwide, he champions Chicago as a prime locale for startups and tech ventures to flourish in the Midwest. He commends the city’s vibrant culture, abundant resources, and top-tier talent as the bedrock for fostering new and growing  businesses.

As the Chief Technology Officer of M1, a financial technology firm providing a holistic personal finance platform merging investing, borrowing, and banking services, Steve is at the helm of innovation. M1 users seamlessly manage investment portfolios, access lines of credit, and leverage diverse banking features via the platform, designed for streamlined investing and finance management. M1 was established in 2015 by Brian Barnes, a Stanford University graduate, alongside a cadre of seasoned entrepreneurs and engineers.

The Empowering Journey with M1. Steven Gall is pictured.

Steven Gall pictured above.

A Purdue alumnus, Steve graduated in 2011 with a major in Computer Science and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He credits the entrepreneurship program for offering him first-hand exposure to business startups and insights from industry experts, bridging theory with practical wisdom, and laying the groundwork for his future aspirations. While at Purdue, he was able to explore cryptocurrency and the startup ecosystem, igniting his vision of being involved in a fintech venture.

Reflecting on his journey, Steve advises current students to embrace discomfort and relentlessly pursue personal and professional growth. He lauds the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program for propelling his development by nudging him out of his comfort zone. In a world of perpetual change and boundless opportunities, he champions fostering curiosity and resilience through entrepreneurship as a worthwhile investment of time.