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SPRING 2022 Newsletter


The end of the academic year is a wonderful time to reflect on the successes of our students and instructors. By the end of the spring semester, as we returned to a sense of normality, we were thankful to our students and instructors for pivoting when it was required. This allowed us to continue to be successful in delivering the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills graduates need through uncertain times. We were also able to continue to engage students in internships, competitions, and networking with guest speakers from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Entrepreneurship comes in many forms – small businesses, scalable startups, and social ventures. Similarly, entrepreneurs come from diverse backgrounds, each with unique stories that we try to highlight through this newsletter and through social media. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program is committed to contributing to an ecosystem that is open and accessible to everyone who is inspired by entrepreneurship.

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  • Alumni Entrepreneur Spotlight: Sophie Nguyen of So Gold Marketing
    Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation alum, Sophie Nguyen, is now the CEO and Founder of So Gold Marketing, a real estate marketing and media company based in Silicon Valley.
  • Wisdom from an ENTR Alumnus: Sunny Yuqing Sun
    Sunny Yuqing Sun is a 2016 graduate of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. After graduating from Purdue she attended John Hopkins University where she received a degree in International Studies and Research.
  • The Value of a Transparent Point of View
    Students’ share appreciation and the value of guest speaker experiences in their entrepreneurship courses. Many speakers have returned to campus, but having the online option has opened up the possibility to engage with entrepreneurs and alumni of the program who live all over the world.  
  • Student Reflections: Why Entrepreneurship?
    Students’ access to a wide variety of educational and experiential opportunities designed to enhance Purdue