Welcome to the Purdue Broadband Team (PBT)


This team will harness the power of Indiana’s land-grant institution to help expand broadband access, adoption, and use as an essential catalyst for economic growth in the state.

Why PBT?

The federal government, in partnership with states, is deploying broadband funds through the Broadband Equity, Adoption, and Deployment program, also known as BEAD. Indiana is receiving close to $870 million starting mid to late 2024. A map put together by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC, the government entity that regulates telecommunications, will dictate where these funds go.

So, we need to make sure Indiana’s broadband map is as accurate as possible.  

The PBT will help by spreading the word on resources that will make Indiana’s broadband map more accurate and help with broadband adoption. These resources are (for links and additional resources please scroll down):

  • Validating your address and internet service available on the FCC map 
  • Applying for the Indiana Connectivity Program or ICP
  • Conducting speed tests or reporting a lack of connectivity at your address
  • Learning more about the Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP

Who is the PBT?

The PBT consists of Extension personnel, members of Extension’s 4-H program, Purdue students, and Purdue alumni. Purdue students and Extension 4-Hers that help spread the word will be labeled as broadband influencers

  • Extension personnel will help by giving presentations, talking with community leaders and stakeholders, and sharing on social media.
  • Purdue 4-Hers will help by spreading the word to their families, friends, and classmates by giving out materials and those old enough, sharing on social media
  • Purdue students will help by spreading the word to their friends and families as well as sharing on social media. We do not expect this activity to take a significant amount of time.
  • Purdue alumni will also help spread the word to their friends and families and their social media.

Because we need to improve Indiana data, only Purdue students from Indiana or that have lived in the state can register.

Purdue students will also be introduced to county and regional leaders and other broadband champions in their home counties. 

How can I get involved?

Register to be part of the PBT

As a member of the PBT, you will have to report basic monthly metrics

Enter a competition to win an iPad among:

  • Purdue students with the most creative social media posts
  • Broadband influencer pins will be given to all 4-Hers that help spread the word
  • 4-Hers with winning essays 

For Purdue Students: TBD


Broadband Resources
These are the ones you need to spread the word on!

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