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RMS Form 20 Work Order (MS Excel)
RMS Form 20 Work Order (PDF)

How to Complete the RMS Form 20 Work Order

Check at upper left of Form whether this is a "Request for Estimate" or if work is to be done and we have "Approval to proceed" with the work.

Fill in the following information:

  • Department Name
  • Customer Contact
  • Phone Number (good number to contact for additional information)
  • Customer Contact E-mail address (for additional information)
  • Date the Order is given
  • Date Required (requested time of completion)
  • Professor’s name or OnePurdue alias (if for Academic Department)
  • Fund number (8 digits)
  • If -----:
    • Work is to be done on a Cost Center, please include that 10-digit number. If an SIO# is desired, include that # (optional).
    • Work is to be done on an Internal Order #, please include both the 10-digit Cost Center # and the 10-digit Internal Order #.
    • Physical Facilities work is to be done on either a PM Work Order # (9XXXXXXXXX) or a WBS#, please include one of these 10-digit numbers.
    • You are a Purdue club or organization with a Purdue Business Partner number, use that instead of the Fund and Cost Center/Internal Order
  • Get Approval from your Department Business Office, both signature and printed name please. Also include their phone number. Note: the only exception to this requirement is when a Physical Facilities group is using a PM Work Order # assigned by the Plant Maintenance System, then this signature is not needed.

In the "Description of Work to be Performed," describe in words and/or drawings what work is to be done. Include type of material (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.), and quantity needed. Attach drawings to Form if needed.

Print out completed form and obtain Business Office signatures (if required – see above). Deliver to Research Machining Services, ADM Agricultural Innovation Center. You may also send by campus mail to ADM Agricultural Innovation Center, fax to 496-1248, or E-mail to

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