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High Performance Computing

The Cyber Center enables research on algorithms, systems, and applications for high performance computing through activities undertaken by the Computing Research Institute.Learn More

High-end Computing

computer serverCyber Center's support for high-end computing will include creating novel parallel computer architectures, associated compilers and systems software and parallel numerical algorithms, and benchmarking and performance evaluation of tools.Learn More

Applications and Middleware

Cyber Center is involved in fostering research in Web services, semantic Web, and Grid services, in providing computation as a utility, and in establishing scientific research grids for Cyber Infrastructure activities with access through the TeraGrid.Learn More

Networking, Security, and Privacy

Cyber Center will ensure that Cyber Infrastructure applications are being developed and deployed in a secure fashion and will leverage the strengths of CERIAS in its multidisciplinary approach to security challenges and extend it to Cyber Infrastructure.Learn More

Virtualization, Management, and Provisioning

Cyber Center enables Virtualization to develop and realize Cyber Infrastructure, complex provisioning framework for Cyber Infrastructure, and dynamic pools of virtual resources that can be aggregated on-demand and reconfigured on the fly.Learn More

Information Analysis and Visualization

Cyber Center enables users to analyze and view data using cutting edge visualization tools which have access to the data through the underlying enabling of the Cyber Infrastructure.Learn More

Cyber Center Technical Report

The promise of data-driven decision-making is now being recognized broadly, and there is growing enthusiasm for the notion of "Big Data." While the promise of Big Data is real - for example, it is estimated that Google alone contributed 54 billion dollars to the US economy in 2009 - there is currently a wide gap between its potential and its realization.

Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data

Our Research

research diagramThe Center institutionalizes an
integrated cyber infrastructure that
will benefit basic research across the
campus. The co-location and shared
research objectives will be powerful
drivers in the development new technology,
new discoveries
and new businesses.

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The Cyber Center at Purdue University will provide a venue for all IT-related research, hardware, software, and staffing to come together in a single venue allowing new discoveries that can have immediate impact on discovery, learning, and engagement.

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