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Al Rebar
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About the Global Sustainability Institute

Providing food, water, energy and other human needs to the world's entire population without harming the environment is a formidable task. Through Purdue's Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), the Center for the Environment, Purdue Climate Change Research Center, Energy Center, Water Community and the Center for Global Food Security are connecting existing expertise at Purdue with a pressing global issue and form the core of the initiative.

Al Rebar"Sustainability of our planet is a global grand challenge that will only be overcome through the input of scholars from many diverse disciplines. Under the direction of Purdue’s Global Sustainability Institute, faculty, students and other researchers are working across disciplinary borders to seek innovative solutions to the various and often interrelated challenges of food security, climate change, energy, access to clean water and energy security. Such comprehensive and interdisciplinary approaches will ultimately serve to improve the world in which we live." - Alan H. Rebar, Interim Director, Purdue Global Sustainability Institute