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Catherine Peachey Breast Cancer Research Grant

The WGHI Requests Proposals on Breast Cancer Research
Proposal Deadline:  April 26, 2021
Funds Available: $15,000
Call for Proposal details 


Recording of “A Lab of One’s Own: One Woman’s Personal Journey Through Sexism in Science" -- Dr. Rita Colwell (with Dr. Rosie Clawson) (04/08/2021) 

Recording of "Neuroactive Steroids and the Development of Novel Therapeutics in Perinatal Depression" -- Dr. Kristina Deligiannidis (02/26/2021)

Recording of "Women's Health in the COVID-19 Pandemic" -- Women's Health Symposium by WGHI (11/13/2020) 

Recording of "Women and Health in the COVID-19 Era" -- Dr. Ana Langer, Harvard School of Public Health (10/16/2020)

Recording of "Sex, Gender, and COVID-19" -- NY Times Reporter Alisha Haridasani Gupta (with Dr. Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth (09/17/2020)

COVID-19: Sex Differences

Women's Global Health Institute

The health of women and girls is of particular concern as a result of gender-related biological differences, socioeconomic status, and disparities in research involving women participants. At Purdue University, we deliver solutions through research and training that address these challenges, both nationally and internationally, through our work at the Women’s Global Health Institute (WGHI). The institute combines strong technology, engineering, natural and social sciences, and is a hub for interdisciplinary research. 

The institute aspires to deliver meaningful solutions to the challenges in women’s health by securing partnerships and support for research and training from government, private foundations, and corporate companies. 

Our Women's Health Research Grant Program supports outstanding researchers in women's health. Here are the recent awardees. 

Tell us about your work on women's health and sex differences: 

We'd love to hear from you and discuss how we can promote and support your work on women's health and sex differences. Please click here to send us the information (requires a description of ~2-3 lines of your current or future work) and we will follow up with you. 

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