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Machining and Welding

Our standard machining equipment capabilities are only limited by the imagination of our expert machinists and the level of difficulty your project requires.

The CNC equipment at our disposal allows for ultra-precise machining and repeatability even with complex surfaces and contours. This same equipment allows us to make short production runs in a cost effective manner translating to customer savings.

Our welding and fabricating expert can recommend specific alloys and methods for completing your job or repairing your equipment which leaves you with strong and durable products.

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Design and Drafting

Research Machining Services is able to handle your project from concept to completion, or anywhere in between, delivering professional results.

Our expert Design and Drafting staff have the experience to know what works and what does not. They can also research and recommend innovative design solutions to meet the requirements of your project.

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R&D Prototyping to Small Production Runs

Research Machining Services is set up to expedite the production of Research and Development (R&D) prototyping and small production runs.

Our friendly, personalized services and fast turn around time are the result of our extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of new and innovative products.

Our experienced designers and machinists will work with you to ensure that your machining requirements and specifications are appropriate for your job, and make design suggestions to help keep the overall cost of your project to a minimum.

Our high rate of success and getting the job done right translates into significant savings, giving you the results you need on time and with no surprises.

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Materials and Hardware

Research Machining Services maintains a diverse inventory of the most common alloys of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass in standard material sizes and structural shapes.

For the convenience of our customers, we sell our materials cut to size or in full stock lengths in both small and large quantities.  Most orders can be ready for pickup or delivery the day after the request is made.

If we do not stock your desired material, in many cases we can expedite your request in one week or less, including orders of exotic alloys, plastics and polymers, unusual sizes, and structural shapes.

Research Machining Services also stocks a wide variety of hardware available immediately in small quantities. If requested, we can expedite any quantity of hardware and have it ready for pickup the next day.

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