Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program (DURI)

Announcement to Faculty and Students about DURI: Summer 2019

Discovery Park has posted summer 2019 projects for the Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship program. The DURI program supports undergraduate interdisciplinary teams while they investigate problems in various strategic areas over the course of 10 weeks (approximately May 20-July 26).

Each project focuses on at least one of Discovery Park’s specific thematic areas: global security, global health or global sustainability. Projects are designed to bring together undergraduate researchers from across a broad range of humanities and STEM disciplines. Projects are interdisciplinary, involving at least two or more distinct academic disciplines, and encourage inclusion of the humanities, the social sciences, and others beyond the STEM disciplines to create comprehensive solutions. Projects also involve at least two or more (but no more than five) undergraduate students.

Undergraduate students may then apply for up to three projects from March 18 to March 31, 2019. Faculty project supervisors will review all eligible student applications before making final selections. Each participating student will earn a $4,500 summer fellowship, which will consist of $1,500 in cost-sharing from the faculty project supervisor(s), as well as $3,000 in support from DURI.

Faculty can direct any questions to Peter Bermel, who is directing the program, at Torsten Reimer at will serve as a consultant to aid in matching project leads in Engineering, Science, and Polytechnic with relevant experts from other colleges. Students with questions about the program should contact Kate Mitsch at

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