Fall 2021: Now Accepting Faculty Proposals

Proposals are now being accepted from faculty on the West Lafayette campus for Discovery Park’s Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI) program which supports faculty-led teams of undergraduates to investigate problems in the strategic areas of global security, global health, and global sustainability.

Faculty project proposals for Fall 2021 should focus on these thematic areas. Each project should involve two or more distinct academic disciplines (represented by faculty from different departments) and undergraduate students. No faculty cost-sharing will be required.

Interested faculty can submit abstracts for individual projects at the DURI website, using their Purdue Career account credentials to log on. The deadline for proposal submissions is June 18.

Undergraduate students may then apply for one project from July 2 – 30. Faculty project supervisors will review all eligible student applications before making final selections. The deadline for selecting students will be August 13. During the Fall term, which starts August 23, 2021, students will be responsible for pursuing their research projects, culminating with a poster presentation and 1-page abstract/summary of their results. Assuming all requirements are met, each participating student will earn a $1,000 Fall semester fellowship from the DURI program.

Faculty should direct any questions about the program to Peter Bermel at durifaculty@purdue.edu and pbermel@purdue.edu. Students should contact Kate Mitsch at duristudent@purdue.edu