Student Life

Purdue University is located in the city of West Lafayette, Indiana. The city offers a high quality of life and is close to the cities of Indianapolis (~1 hour by car) and Chicago (~2 hours by car).

Getting to Purdue

The following links provide information that will be helpful to visitors and to potential students. These PDF documents provide information about travel (airports, airlines, shuttles, trains, rental cars, etc.), lodging (hotels and student housing), and other very useful information.

Student Life

  • Visit Purdue Today Events to be informed on Purdue academic and cultural events for every week.
  • The International Programs at Purdue is dedicated to promote activities that can contribute to make international students' life at Purdue a better experience. To get more information about them and their upcoming events visit their website.
  • The Graduate School provides meaningful information about student life at Purdue, including housing, health, diversity and cultural services. Visit their Student Life page to navigate through this information.
  • The International Center is commited to promote a cross-cultural connections in the Greater Lafayette area. International visitors are welcome to be part of the cultural events and services sponsored by the International Center. Find out more.
  • The Division of Recreational Sports of Purdue University is commited to promote a better quality of life of Purdue students and their families through recreation and a healthy lifestyle. Visit the Division of Recreational Sports website to find out more about their programs and facilities.

For Undergraduate Students

  • Purdue encourages students to get involved in extracurricular activities while pursuing their academic goals.Therefore, they have a long offer to be part of Athletics, Clubs and Activities, Arts and Culture, and Building Community. Information on how to join these activities can be found in the Student Life webpage.
  • Either if you are still making your decision to join or if you are a new student, you can visit Purdue University at anytime. In these visits, students will receive the necessary information about the life at the university and the campus. Check this link if you or your family would like to plan a visit.
  • Information about Student Housing

Art and Culture at Purdue and the Greater Lafayette

  • Purdue offers a variety of artistic and cultural demonstrations along the year. In the Art and Culture Purdue webpage you will be able to find more and updated information about upcoming events at Purdue, cultural centers, theaters, and art galleries.
  • The Lafayette-West Lafayette Dowtown is a place that invites you to enjoy local restaurants, shops and a cultural events that integrate the Purdue and the Greater Lafayette communities. Visit the Downtown website for more information.