Orinoquía Initiative

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A Science-Driven Approach to Sustainable Development of the Orinoquía Region

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Purdue University’s Orinoquia Initiative – Context, Vision and Goals English Spanish
The Orinoquía Initiative Watch Video

Orinioquía Initiative Phase I Report

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Executive Summary English Spanish
Full Report English Spanish
Parameter Editing for the Orinoquía Agricultural Linear Programming Model English --
Orinoquía Agricultural Linear Programming Model - Documentation English --
Appendices - Case Studies
Improved Beef and Nature Tourism Feasibility Study in the Flooded Savannah English Spanish
Feasibility Study for Development of Cashew-Based Farming Operations in Vichada English Spanish
Testing of a Grain/Hog Alternative in the Meta Altillanura Model English Spanish
Identifying New Technologies in the Agricultural Systems of the Piedemonte English Spanish
Sustainable Tourism Model: An Integrated Systems Approach to Managing Tourism Growth - A Destination Marketing Organization Perspective English Spanish
Business Models and Solutions for Sustainable Tourism Development English Spanish
Appendices - Pilot Proposals
Improved Beef and Nature Tourism in the Flooded Savannah English Spanish
Development of Cashew-Based Farming Operations in Vichada English Spanish
Integrated Grain/Hog Farms in the Altillanura English Spanish
Development of Local Food Production for Food Service in the Piedemonte English Spanish
Accelerating the Development of Sustainable Tropical Fruit Production in the Orinoquia of Colombia English Spanish

Purdue Orinoquía Initiative Prospectus

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Purdue Orinoquía Initiative Prospectus English Spanish


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Una nueva frontera: El solo acceso a la tierra no es suficiente. Debe ir acompañado de un esquema de desarrollo rural. – Rudolf Hommes, 08 de septiembre de 2018 -- Spanish

Transformación de la Orinoquia y la economía colombiana – Suresh V. Garimella y Pablo Navas, 26 de junio de 2018

(Translation: Transforming the Orinoquía — and the Colombian Economy)

English Spanish
Orinoquia, Pocos países tienen la oportunidad de encontrar territorio escasamente habitado para expandirse. – Rudolf Hommes, 01 de julio de 2018 -- Spanish

Universidad de Purdue apoyará el desarrollo de la Orinoquía – 10 de octubre de 2016

(Translation: Purdue University will support the development of the Orinoquía)

English Spanish
Colombian Orinoquía region to get sustainable development assistance through Purdue collaboration – Purdue Today News October 17, 2016 English --

Despega plan maestro para el desarrollo de la Orinoquía – El Tiempo - Economía y Negocios 11 de octubre de 2016

(Translation: The Master Plan for the development of the Orinoquía takes off)

English Spanish

The Orinoquía Initiative

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Other Resources

Expanding the Global Reach of the Twenty-First-Century Research University – by Suresh V. Garimella – April 19, 2018

A Concept Paper on Networks of Excellence for Research and Education (English) - by Suresh V. Garimella, David B. Janes and Anne Slaughter Andrew - April, 2015

Documento conceptual sobre Redes de Excelencia para la Investigación y la Educación (Spanish) - por Suresh V. Garimella, David B. Janes y Anne Slaughter Andrew - Abril, 2015

“Latin American Technical, Research and Administrative Leaders” (LATeRAL) program (English)

University of the Future Colombia-Purdue Workshop Report (English)

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