(as adopted April 2, 2020)

WHEREAS, Article IX, Section 2 of the Bylaws of The Trustees of Purdue University provide as follows:

“Section 2: Naming of University Buildings. The University buildings shall be named in accordance with policies established by the Board which shall include the following: No building, or any addition to a building, of the University shall be designated by the name of any particular person or persons except that (a) in cases where testamentary gifts have been accepted by the Board for the construction of a building or an addition to a building and the terms of the gifts require or request that a particular name shall be used, and (b) in cases where it is desired to acknowledge conspicuous services of an individual to the University by the special designation of a building or a building addition. All such determinations shall be made by the Board, except that the President shall be authorized to name rooms or other areas within buildings.”

WHEREAS, the above-described guidance is further explicated and implemented in Purdue University’s policy (II.B.2) on Charitable Donations to the University.

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees recognizes that there are occasions, other than in connection with the receipt of charitable gifts or the recognition of conspicuous individual service, when official approval should be obtained for the naming of buildings and other university spaces.

NOW, THEREFORE, as approved by the Board of Trustees on April 2, 2020, Board of Trustee approval of facility names will be obtained in the following three situations that do not involve a charitable gift or the recognition of individual service:

1. When the Board has previously approved a capital project with an informal working title, but then an “official” name is subsequently selected, the Board must approve the new official facility name.

2. When the Board has previously approved an official name for a completed facility, but then a later name change is proposed, the Board must approve the name change.

3. When the name of a prominent Purdue mark or brand is going to be used as the name of a facility, the Board must approve the use of the mark or brand as part of the name.

The above standard will also apply to the requisite approval by the president of the University to proposed naming of rooms or areas within buildings.