Multi stable Heat Exchanger 2.0

Matthew SwabeyLaser Engraving and Cutting, Student Project

Sean, an undergraduate student working on a personal research project to acquire and apply new knowledge, is supervised by John, a peer mentor at the center. He pursued this topic primarily for the chance to conduct research. Using laser cutting, he created a heat exchanger out of the metal sheet. The product mainly consists of the fins of AC motors …

Collection Chamber

Matthew SwabeyCAD/CAM, Machining, Student Project

Senior aerospace engineering major Vebjorn Moskvil is engaged in a personal project for academic purposes. To finish his research, he is utilizing a Haas VF4 machine, and he is machining aluminum to construct the chamber for a fuel tank experiment. It will be used to dump fuel into an experiment chamber that will be launched by Blue Origin in the …

Landing Gear

Matthew SwabeyMachining, Student Project

Matthew, Brandon, and Dhruv are making a prototype landing leg for a rocket launch structure that will be carried aloft by a balloon. Their work with the Purdue Orbital Club is quite thin. They use aluminum as the material for the Haas VF4 machine to machine their product.

Multi-stable Heat Exchanger

Matthew SwabeyLaser Engraving and Cutting, Student Project

James Freeman, a Center peer mentor, is helping a student manufacture multi-stable beams. The student is researching how different styles of fins affect the heat exchange in HVAC systems. The research is being conducted at Herrick Labs on the Multistable heat exchanger fins for HVAC systems. The student used the FabLight laser to cut aluminum 6061 and is planning to …