Inter-Lab Volunteering


The Inter-Lab Volunteering Process consists of a number of small activities designed to give the prospective Peer Mentor a brief glimpse into the opportunities and resources available in each Bechtel Center lab space while introducing them to the project management system, passport safety badges, and some of the current Peer Mentors.

Steps to the Inter-Lab Volunteering Process

  1. Create a single Proposal in the Project Management System for the entire Inter-Lab Volunteering Process
    1. Under [My Proposals] select [Create New] 
    2. Fill out the project proposal form with the following information 
      • Proposal Name: Inter-Lab Volunteering – YourName 
      • Description: Project for completion of the Inter-lab Volunteering Passport Badge 
      • Resources or Equipment: Inter-Lab Volunteering 
      • Purposes: Personal 
  2. Complete the relevant safety badges in Passport 
    • Required safety badges are listed in the completed proposal 
  3. Talk to a member of the Front Desk Staff to get your proposal accepted 
    1. Join the [Waiting Room] channel in the Bechtel Center Discord 
    2. Explain to the staff member that you need a volunteering proposal accepted and give them the link
    3. They will be able to accept your proposal, allowing you to proceed and make reservations, as well as invite you to the Passport group for volunteering
  4. Complete the Inter-Lab Volunteering Passport Badge 
    • Important: Seek a discord consultation with a Peer Mentor from each area to schedule an acceptable reservation time to complete the activity for that area. 
  5. Upon completing the Inter-Lab Volunteering Passport Badge, proceed to the next step of the volunteering process: Area-Specific Volunteering