Area-Specific Volunteering


The Area-Specific Volunteering Process is unique to each prospective Peer Mentor depending on which area they choose to take a closer look at. Each sub-module consists of a series of different activities designed to give a better understanding of the various machinery, software, best practices, etc. for the area it represents in order to give a prospective Peer Mentor a better overall understanding of the space while simultaneously training them in usage of the equipment and providing existing staff a means of evaluating their potential as a Peer Mentor.

Steps to the Area-Specific Volunteering Process

  1. Review the Area-Specific Volunteering module on Brightspace for the area you’d want to work in
    • You will only need to complete that sub-module to continue
  2. Consult with Peer Mentors from the relevant area to create a single Proposal in the Project Management System for the entire Area-Specific Volunteering process
  3. Complete the relevant safety quizzes in the Project Management System 
    • Required safety training is listed in each resource under “Your Training”
  4. Consult with the relevant lab mentors again to schedule your reservation for each activity
  5. Complete the Area-Specific Volunteering for your desired area 
    • Important: Seek a discord consultation with a Peer Mentor from the desired area to schedule an acceptable reservation time to complete the activities for that area.