Active Learning Resources for Teaching in the Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Getting Started: Teaching in WALC

What is Active Learning?

Active Learning Spaces are classrooms with specific features designed for facilitation of active learning. According to research1 , the core aspects of Active Learning are student activity and engagement in the learning process. Active learning is often contrasted to the traditional lecture where students passively receive information from the instructor."  At Purdue University, we describe active learning as a teaching and learning pedagogy focused on:

  • Collaboration between students and instructors.
  • Students and instructors being mutually responsible for knowledge and academic success.
  • Teaching and learning methodology characterized by students’ engagement in activities requiring greater responsibility for knowledge gains.
  • An enriched learning environment with close proximity between teaching and study space.

1. Prince, M. (2004), Does Active Learning Work? A Review of the Research. Journal of Engineering Education, 93: 223–231. doi:10.1002/j.2168- 9830.2004.tb00809.x

Know Your Room

Familiarize yourself with your classroom. On this website you can find information about your WALC classroom, it's features, furniture and technology. We strongly recommend visiting your active learning space before you begin teaching and familiarize yourself with the following:
     Lectern & seating
     Screens & monitors
     Technology & audio
     Contacts for Support

As you familiarize yourself with the features of your active learning room, consider:
     How will you use these features in teaching? 
     How will students use these features to learn? 

Attending Training/1:1 consults

Multiple trainings and open houses are available for faculty before the start of the semester, and Teaching and Learning professionals from across campus are available to help you with everything from lesson planning to technical how-to questions. No question is too small, or to big. For help, contact: 

     Call 4-4000 if you need immediate classroom technology assistance 

Start Teaching

Consider incorporating a student orientation to the physical space and setting of the classroom.
What will you need to bring with you to class?
     Whiteboard markers
     Wireless microphones
What will you need to modify? 
     Blackboard course site
     Course materials, etc. 

Get Support

-Call 4-4000 for immediate classroom technology help
-Email to schedule a consult to learn more about incorporating collaborative and active learning techniques into your course
-For all general questions about active learning, email


Q: Who do I contact for classroom support including wireless presenting?
A: Contact or call 4-4000.

Q: Do I need to bring my own dry erase markers and erasers?
A: Yes. Always be prepared.

Q: Do my students need to bring dry erase markers?
A: Yes. If you plan on having your students use the whiteboards during class then you will either need to bring markers for your students or have them bring their own.

Q: Do I need to bring my own wireless microphone?
A: Yes. Wireless microphones will not be provided in the classrooms.