Active Learning Resources for Teaching in the Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Theater / Performance

WALC will provide an intimate theatre‐style classroom that will support a choice of either dual projected images or widescreen projection for films. It will be furnished with upholstered seating with self‐storing tablets. The small ADA‐compliant performance area will have user‐friendly theatrical lighting and curtains. The WALC receiving room, abutting the performance area, may be used as an ersatz ‘Green Room’.

Flat Panels
Doc Cam
White boards
Special Features
1055 326 3 - 2 1 - Advanced Echo 360 caputure & AV Source Preview

Features & Technologies

  • Upholstered seating with self‐storing tablets
  • Projection
  •      Flat Panel and/or dual/triple projection
         Wireless projection for almost any device
  • Lecturn with heighth adjustment with:
    AV control panel
    In-Room PC
         HDMI & VGA+Audio inputs
         Document Camera(s)
         USB Input Cable
         BlueRay Player
  • Audio
         Wireless microphone receiver
  • Advanced Classroom light controls
  • Electronic Window Shades