Active Learning Resources for Teaching in the Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Turn2Team Classrooms

These classrooms are furnished with pairs of wide and narrow strip‐tables with power at the tabletop.   Students will be provided with comfortable swivel task chairs and can face forward for presentation or exams, or turn to team in groups.  Those sitting at the narrower front tables can swivel and move backward to gather in teams of 4 or more with students sitting at the wider rear ‘teaming table’

Below is an example of how Ashley Purpura uses the Turn-2-Team Rooms to engage learners:

Flat Panels
Doc Cam
White boards
2088 60 2 - 1 - 7 x 80 lf
3090 60 2 - 1   7 x 65 lf

Features & Technologies

  • Swivel task chairs
  • Projection
  •      Flat Panel and/or dual/triple projection
         Wireless projection for almost any device
  • Lecturn with heighth adjustment with:
    AV control panel
    In-Room PC
         HDMI & VGA+Audio inputs
         Document Camera(s)
         USB Input Cable
         BlueRay Player
  • Audio
         Wireless microphone receiver
  • Advanced Classroom light controls
  • Electronic Window Shades