Active Learning Resources for Teaching in the Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Projection and Wireless Displays


WALC enables instructors and students to project to flat panels & projectors in three ways:

  1. In-Room PC
  2. Connect your own device via HDMI/VGA
  3. Wireless Project Laptop/Tablet/Phone

In-Room PC

ITaP provides faculty and staff with the use of computer and network-based instructional applications in all WALC classrooms. 

These PC's are configured like those found in ITaP instructional labs and require users to log in using a Purdue career account login and password. Network resources and many common software applications are available. From these workstations users may:

  • Use PowerPoint presentations - 16:9 aspect ratio displays best in WALC 
  • Demonstrate software
  • Play CDs, DVDs, video and audio files
  • Access the internet
  • Use files from a CD or USB device
  • Access materials in your Purdue Career Account
  • Take attendance, give assessments, and get instant feedback with i>clicker.

Connect & Project Your Own Device

Laptop/Computer projection is available via HDMI or VGA + audio.

Wireless Projection

Each classroom in WALC is equipped with  the ability project wirelessly from nearly any device, including PC’s, Macs, tablets and phones. 

You can use the Wireless Display to allow your students to connect to and share their devices in multiple ways.

Below is an explanation of the Solstice Pod and an example of how Steve Beaudoin uses it to engage learners:

How to connect the wireless display:

  1. Get the app. Goto iTunes, Google store, or Windows store and get the Solstice client
  2. Start the AV system. Touch the screen to start the AV system. It will take about 60 seconds for the system to warm up. 
  3. Select “Wireless Device” on the room control panel. There are options to select either the left or right screen. Touch "Wireless Device" to view the content on either one or both 
  4. Room View. After the system starts, note the IP and Screen Key information for use to connect to the wireless display. Only 4 simultaneous connections are allowed. 
  5. Open the App & Connect. Enter the IP and click Go to connect to the wireless device. You need to be connected to the local WiFi. (PAL 3.0 or eduroam) 
  6. Enter the Screen Key. This is for security purposes. It limits access to only those that know the key. The key changes after everyone has disconnected. 
  7. Share. You can now share your content. Mirror screen will show everything on your screen. Media File, Camera, and Take Video will not.
  8. Apps & Mirroring. Windows and Android devices work automatically. Mac OS X or iOS you'll need to enable Airplay to use mirror screen 
  9. Airplay (iOS). Click on the room number, then mirroring. When asked for a password, use the screen key. 
  10. Disconnect - Shutdown. When class is over, click on "Disconnect" to disconnect from the Wireless Display. If students are connected, remind them to disconnect also. Then press "Shutdown" to shut down the AV system. This action will also drop everyone's connection.

Downloadble instructions for students - installing the solitice client.