Active Learning Resources for Teaching in the Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Active Learning Classroom Features

Standard Technology

Each room in WALC is equipped with the following technology: 

     Flat Panel and/or dual/triple projection
     Wireless projection for almost any device
Lecturn with heighth adjustment with:
     AV control panel     
     In-Room PC
     HDMI & VGA+Audio inputs
     Document Camera(s)
     USB Input Cable
     BlueRay Player
     Wireless microphone receiver
Advanced Classroom light controls
Electronic Window Shades

Select Rooms in WALC are equipped with advanced technologies, including:

Video cameras for lecture capture, web conferencing, and more
     WALC 1121, 2124     
Confidence monitors, additional screens facing the instructor which mirrors the content visible to students.
     WALC 1018, 1132
Interactive flat panels, large touch screen enabled flat panels with highly responsive touch pens 
     WALC 2121, 2127, 3084, 3121, 3127, 3132, 3148
Advanced Lecture Capture - Echo360
  WALC 1018, 1055, 2087