2001 Focus Award Recipients

Faculty: Dr. Fred E. Lytle

Dr. Fred E. Lytle was a Chemistry Professor at Purdue when he received the Focus Award.  In the fall of 1994, he was presented with the problem of converting complicated scientific material into Braille in order to assist students with visual impairments in pursuit of their academic goals. He undertook this task with no experience with Braille. He worked on his own time to develop a systematic way to convert chemical equations, symbols, and formulas into a standard six-dot Braille. The new symbols were combined with current Braille symbols to develop a software program to translate equations into Braille. The software program is used to translate course materials in subjects including chemistry, biology, mathematics, and psychology. It is also being used at high schools and colleges nationwide.

Staff: Kenneth P. Burns

Mr. Kenneth Burns was instrumental in providing administrative and executive level support in initiating Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance efforts at Purdue University. During his tenure as Vice President for Physical Facilities, he served as chair of Purdue University's ADA Steering Committee and oversaw the initial implementation of the law. This committee was instrumental in providing guidance with regard to evaluating the University's needs and developing a plan for implementation.

Student: Allyson Matt and Cooper

Ms. Allyson Matt and her service dog Cooper were involved in many efforts to raise disability awareness on campus and within the Greater Lafayette community. Ms. Matt was an active member of Purdue Advocates for Disability Issues, a student group, and she was a student member on the Advisory Council for Disability Issues. She and Cooper co-presented in many of Adaptive Programs, now known as the Disability Resource Center, presentations and talked about blindness to first grade students at Earhart Elementary School. Ms. Matt and Cooper lived in the residence halls on campus while she attended Purdue as an undergraduate student.