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April 2, 2013

University policy update

The Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG) took action on two new system-wide policies at its March meeting.

* Grievances by Postdoctoral Researchers, Graduate Student Personnel, Clinical Residents and Clinical Interns (VI.D.2): Effective Monday (April 1), this new policy provides a process for resolving grievances by individuals with unique relationships with the University.

* Vehicle Safety Inspections (IV.A.7): This new policy, effective Monday (April 1), outlines the requirements for annual inspections of University-owned vehicles and inspections of newly purchased vehicles. It supersedes Business Office Memorandum No. 169.

In addition, a revised policy on Delegation of the President’s Authority (V.B.5) was approved by the president and is effective as of March 22.

The complete text of these policies may be found on the University Policies website.