C4E Cluster Hire Seeking to Fill Three Positions in 2014-15

As part of Purdue’s new “Building Sustainable Communities” initiative and cluster hire, we are pleased to announce 3 new interdisciplinary faculty positions:

All positions include opportunities partial appointments with other departments participating in the cluster initiative. Full job announcements are now available, including on the center's Building Sustainable Communities web page.

What's New

  • Dr. Taylor Davis
    The center welcomes Dr. Taylor Davis, who joined the Department of Philosophy this fall, and is working on norm evolution and human cooperation for sustainability.
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  • Logo - ACS: Chemistry for Life
    Purdue student and Global Sustainability Institute Student Representative Allison Turner celebrates winning a Morris K. Udall Scholarship with Leigh Raymond, Director of the C4E and Purdue's Udall Faculty Representative.
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  • Corn Stover
    Removing corn stover from agricultural fields to produce cellulosic ethanol requires careful management to avoid adding greenhouse gas emissions and soil erosion to the environment, say C4E researchers.
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From the Director

Leigh Raymond Welcome to Purdue’s Center for the Environment! The C4E, as we refer to it, is a major home of interdisciplinary, problem-driven research and teaching at Purdue focused on some of the world’s largest environmental problems. C4E faculty are currently working on problems ranging from eliminating hazardous electronic waste, to reducing nutrient runoff in farm systems, to understanding the fate and transport of new chemicals in our soil and water, to understanding and addressing threats to soundscapes—acoustic resources that are an important part of many ecosystems.
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