Center for the Environment


Professor Linda Lee and her students collecting samples for their work on "emerging contaminants"--chemicals and microbes that have not historically been considered contaminants such as, for example, pharmaceuticals and components of organic wastewater.

More than 150 C4E faculty and students conduct research on environmental problems that cross the boundaries between academic departments and research units. The center supports interdisciplinary environmental research in a number of ways.

We promote new strategic faculty hires to expand the breadth and depth of expertise in research-critical areas, and help recruit top students into our programs. The center offers our research teams the resources and staff support they need to identify and obtain funding for projects, and we help establish new working groups to explore the potential for emerging areas of collaboration on important environmental problems. The center also works to expanding the impact of Purdue’s environmental research by connecting industry, government, and community stakeholders to C4E faculty, students, and staff through symposia, workshops, and other efforts to communicate research findings and identify new areas of need.

The Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall, home to the Center for the Environment's administrative offices.