Faculty Position Opening - Environmental Justice and Community Resilience

As part of a university-wide cluster hire in the area of “building sustainable communities,” the Department of Political Science is seeking applications for a tenure track, assistant professor position focused on the politics of environmental justice and community resilience. Potential areas of interest include how gender, race, class, ethnicity, geographical region, or identities affect the unequal distribution of environmental benefits and burdens and/or community resilience in the face of environmental change. We are also interested in research on efforts to address environmental and social inequalities through international, cross-national, and/or domestic political action, including but not limited to work on norms and norm change, protest and resistance movements, and community-based conservation and resilience efforts. The primary field of specialization within political science is open. The successful candidate will add to the political science department’s identified strengths in environmental politics as well as the politics of race, ethnicity, gender, and class. The successful candidate will be expected to teach graduate and undergraduate courses in the area of environmental politics as well as other appropriate courses in his or her subfield. A Ph.D. in Political Science, Environmental Studies, or a related discipline is required. Joint appointments are possible in other academic units participating in the cluster hire, including Anthropology, Communication, Philosophy, and Engineering.

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What's New

  • Workshop
    The Center for the Environment is pleased to announce the completion of all seven hires in the new Building Sustainable Communities initiative at Purdue. A partnership between four colleges and the C4E, the new cluster hire brings together faculty across multiple disciplines to address pressing challenges regarding community sustainability and resilience in the face of global change. For more information, see the center’s Building Sustainable Communities web page.
  • Workshop
    May 28, 2015: The C4E hosted a very successful workshop focused on engaging local communities on environmental risks in Discovery Park, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.
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From the Director

Leigh Raymond Welcome to Purdue’s Center for the Environment! The C4E, as we refer to it, is a major home of interdisciplinary, problem-driven research and teaching at Purdue focused on some of the world’s largest environmental problems. C4E faculty are currently working on problems ranging from eliminating hazardous electronic waste, to reducing nutrient runoff in farm systems, to understanding the fate and transport of new chemicals in our soil and water, to understanding and addressing threats to soundscapes—acoustic resources that are an important part of many ecosystems.
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